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love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
LOL is anyone still here?

I was actually just messing around here looking for the artist and title of a song I used to like. I haven't actually logged in since about 8 years ago.

Life is good, in case anyone was wondering.

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Maybe I get too invested in literature...
...but I just watched the 2002 BBC adaptation of Daniel Deronda, completely forgetting that I'd read the book until about 1/3 of the way thru the last episode, when I suddenly remembered the whole ending and promptly felt slightly ill.

Yes, I know I'm supposed to think he did the right thing. But I don't. Really rather vehemently, in fact. I was hoping to have something coherent to say about this, but it turns out I can get surprisingly angry at fictional characters--angry enough that all I can do is sit here and seethe.

Thus concludes my impromptu review of a novel nobody reading this has ever read.
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I hate
Ok, it's not rocket science, I swear.

I've been to the damn DPS office three times trying to renew my stupid driver's license, which is now expired.

The first time I went, after I waited for 3 hours, they turned me away because I didn't have proof of my Social Security number. So I go back this morning with Social Security card (I don't carry it around with me because you're not actually supposed to, even though everybody else apparently does), wait another 3 hours, and get turned away because I didn't bring my proof of registration inside with me (it was in my car, outside in the parking lot). So I go outside, get it, come in again, only to be told I have to wait in line again. Around 2 hours into this second wait, they announce that the computers have gone down statewide and they cannot do any more driver licenses or ID cards until it comes back up. The room empties, since most people can't be bothered waiting. I keep waiting. I wait another 2 hours. It's still not up. The lady behind the counter is yelling out about every 5 minutes that the computer system is down, because people are still coming in. Somebody asked her how long is it usually down, when it goes down. She said sometimes as little as a few seconds, but sometimes 4 or 5 days. Somebody else asked her when is a good time to come, when are the shortest wait times. She said now is the best time, because everybody in line ahead already left; normal wait times are 3 to 5 hours.


1. The State of Texas has no backup database server.
2. I'm going to have to have another day off work to do this, or camp outside the office one morning.
3. In a county with 800,000 people (estimated), there are only 2 drivers license offices, each with maybe 5 employees on staff.
4. In order just to renew a license I already have, I have to show them: my old license, proof of citizenship, proof of Social Security number, proof of vehicle registration, and proof of vehicle liability insurance (I don't know what they do if you don't own a car...). I think this is ridiculous.
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"I hope somebody eventually explains why every new regeneration, the Doctor keeps getting younger and younger... And I hope it's an appropriately sensational explanation, too." - Me, on Facebook; maybe one or two friends will actually know what I'm talking about, if I'm lucky.

Thoughts...(yeah, probably spoilery)Collapse )
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I'm not dead yet! (part 25743)
I can't actually say I've been busy, because I really haven't been. Well, not in the traditional "too busy to sit at the computer and open a browser window and type things" sort of way, anyway. I have in fact been doing lots and lots of sitting at the computer in the past few months, just not usually with browser windows open to anything but Hulu.

Somebody kill me, I've been playing a MMO. Not WoW, though. Heavens no. I'm hooked on Aion (catch Calyanare on Lumiel (Elyos) sometime if you like). At least I was until somebody showed me Dragon Age Origins. And then I was hooked on that. Though I get the feeling that at some point I'm going to have to do something besides play video games. I'm sort of feeling like I need to come up for air, between the sitting at a computer all day long at work, and then coming home to sit at a computer some more. It's an odd feeling, since that is exactly what I've done for the past 10 years or so, spending most of my waking time sitting in front of a computer, to the point where I get a little restless and nervous if there isn't a keyboard and an internet connection somewhere nearby, even if I don't plan on using it.

Oh, and Dragon Age Awakening, the expansion for Dragon Age Origins? Buggy as hell.

Also I'm up too late. As usual. I never know when to go to bed. Or when to wake up. Or anything, really. I suck. And I got toothpaste on my shirt.
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Why do I vote, again? I keep forgetting.
Apparently the Republican primary debates for the Texas Governor race was tonight. I only know this because my local NPR station, which my car radio is tuned to, was playing highlights of the debate during the 10 minutes it takes me to drive from work to home.

And honestly, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Rick Perry (certifiable nutjob who makes secessionist remarks) was misrepresenting his performance (as all men and all incumbent politicians are wont to do), and Kay Bailey Hutchinson (not quite as much of a nutjob, but a US Senator, so any claims to absolute sanity are shaky at best) and Debra Medina (Tea Party, so arguably the Queen of Those Who Have Lost Touch With Reality) just kept interrupting him. Sometimes they bothered to actually refute his statements, but more often just screeching "No you didn't! I'm telling! Mooooom!!" or something pretty indistinguishable from that.

Of course, the Democratic primary debates won't be nearly as entertaining (are they even bothering with a debate?), mainly because practically everyone has dropped out on that side. This would be because a Democrat's chances of becoming Governor of Texas are actually worse than the proverbial snowball in hell.

So, yey. Another alternate November, another chance to throw my vote into the toilet and watch it disappear. Thanks.
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Coffee is Love!

I don't speak Korean, but I do enjoy a nice cute song about coffee-love.
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Lots been goin down around here
音楽: Lady GaGa - Fever
I will elaborate when I have time on all of the crazy happening to me right now, but I just have to share that the song listed above (or below, depending) is the best song I've heard in a really long time.
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In case you haven't already read about this...
Disney Removes Closed Captioning From "Up" Rental Release

With references to this comm post. Yeah. Apparently subtitles and narration tracks count as "special bonus features" in somebody's version of reality.
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音楽: Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
Maybe I'm the only one this happens to, or maybe my hormones are out of whack again, who knows.

I threw a few folders worth of random in a playlist and was listening to it in the background while I did stuff, as you do... And this one older song I know super well comes on, and I start singing along, and suddenly I'm crying.

WTF, y'all. WTF.

The song, in case it means anything to anyone, was ひまわりになったら by aiko (Here's a low-quality video, but that's the best one I could find. The song is that old). And no, it didn't have any sort of special meaning. Actually, in the past it mainly produced giggles as I tried in vain to sing really fast in a language I don't speak very well. Yeah, it's kinda schmaltzy, but if you know anything about aiko, pretty much all her songs are schmaltzy.

*sigh* Stupid autumn. It screws with you.
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Conversations with my brother
(over the phone, obvs, since he is in Kingsville at college and stuff)

Him: Hey, does your Dreamcast still work?
Me: Yeah, as far as I know. I haven't gotten it out in a couple of years, but it worked the last time I did.
Him: Do you still have Soul Reaver?
Me: Let me look... *walks to bookshelf, shuffles some things on the shelf of jewel cases* Yes...
Him: Sweet! Skies of Arcadia too?
Me: Yes... But no, I won't ship them and my Dreamcast to you.
Him: Aww, why not?
Me: I still haven't finished playing Soul Reaver!
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Can't stop listening to this
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  • 18:02 Sometimes I think I should own an umbrella, then I remember that around here if it's raining that much it's too windy for one to be useful.

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  • 17:57 Why do I always have to go to Fry's when it's raining? Srsly wtf.

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  • 22:15 @aion_ayase Patch download keeps flipping between "retrying" and SLOOOW. Then again, I'm still having to VPN to connect at all...

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I posted an update
Don't faint. Just log in so you can read it. If you're on my friends list, that is. If not, move along, nothing to see here.
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Soon there won't be any trees left...
In my apartment complex, I mean. Last year's tornado season took out 2, and it's looking like this year's season might take out most of the rest of them. The tree that is directly outside my front door is actually doing fine and is still completely intact, but it seems like every other tree in the complex was damaged to the point that it had to have at least 1/3 of its branches cut off. Most of them were 1/3 to 2/3 cut off, but a couple of the ones I pass regularly had to be taken down completely.

I took picturesCollapse )
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OMG weather!
Am still awake at 11:30pm because they were at it with chainsaws outside until just a little while ago. "It" being a tree that fell on some cars because of the sorts of high winds that come with tornadoes.

If I hadn't happened to be sitting on the bed with my laptop instead of my more usual position in the other room, I wouldn't have heard the siren and announcement. Though I certainly would have heard the debris hitting my windows, I guess. Nothing's broken, though. At least not on my apartment.

I have to wonder how the trees in this complex got as big as they are... This will be the 3rd one in 2 years demolished by wind. I thought oaks were supposed to be sturdier than that.
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Another One Bites the Dust
Specifically, my car's engine.

Will probably be contacting a 2nd (and 3rd and 4th) mechanic, but basically the upshot is that my engine is no longer working properly and will most likely have to be rebuilt or replaced. Less than 55000 miles on it, too.

I really don't want another car. I know it's silly, but I'm quite emotionally attached to this car, so I'm really torn as to whether I want to make repairs possibly costing about what the car is worth ($4000-$5000), or if I should just get a different car. For now, though, I guess I'm walking to work. It's only about 2.5 miles.
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