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スペシャル! - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
音楽: Orikasa Ai - I'm Your Friend
well, i have a job now. 40-minute commute, waking up while it's actually a.m. and everything. the problem is that it hasn't really been explained to me exactly what i'll be doing. i do know that my duties will include running errands and watering the grass (unless they found someone else to do that), but it pays about $250/week, which is nearly double what i was getting in the IT department at ASU (about $300 every two weeks). it's a real estate brokerage firm, and the errand-running is gonna be taking me everywhere under the sun, in a pair of cities i really don't know my way around in so well...

So, what sort of map-thing should i buy myself in celebration at needing to know my way around?

Mapsco book --about $20, published once a year after which some parts become completely obsolete and a new book is required, completely useless for anything else
world atlas --not too expensive, not useful at all but hella cool to look at when i'm bored
a Palm --admittedly way more expensive, but way more versatile as well
neither, just ask for directions to everywhere and bug everyone else in the office by calling them when i get lost
neither, steal my dad's Mapsco from a few years back and pray that i never have to go to a section that's changed
none of the above, if i get lost just ditch whatever i'm delivering in the nearest garbage can and feign stupidity if asked about it

incidentally, no matter what the results of this poll are i'll probably end up stealing my dad's old Mapsco at least until i get my first paycheck. no wait, that'll be the end of the month when all my bills are due, so it'll be the second paycheck. and even then i'm more likely to buy manga or DVDs or video games than maps. but i felt like making a poll. so there.
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hnpcc From: hnpcc Date: Monday 10th June 2002 23.32 (UTC) (Link)
Why does the mapsco book go out of date so quickly?

Melways (the Melb equivalent) is good for about 5 years, after which time there are so many new suburbs you need a new one (I have a 2000, a 1993 and a 1990 one). But older sections of the city don't really change that much (with the exception of things like the old saleyards which became an entirely new suburb and the docks area). The map I'm on hasn't changed in any of my editions, or even very much from the 1975 edition we found in the boot of Mum's car
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Tuesday 11th June 2002 08.40 (UTC) (Link)
there has been a significant amount of highway revamping and construction around here in the past few years...we've still got a 1985 Mapsco, and there are many areas of town that are nearly unrecognizable. yeah, it's mostly the suburbs that change, but this area has really grown a lot lately, and since it's a real estate firm there's a chance i might have to go to some of these places that wouldn't be on, say, the 2000 version.
electric_monk From: electric_monk Date: Tuesday 11th June 2002 03.47 (UTC) (Link)
I recommend some Microsoft PocketPC-based device, because they're even more versatile :) When I learn to drive, I'm going to get a GPS module for mine, and have it draw where I am at all times on a map. And it can play MP3s at the same time, which could be plugged into a card stereo :)
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Tuesday 11th June 2002 08.13 (UTC) (Link)
yeah, but i already have a RioVolt mp3 CD player for the purpose of playing mp3s ^_^
electric_monk From: electric_monk Date: Tuesday 11th June 2002 10.26 (UTC) (Link)
I used to use a Diamond Rio PMP300 MP3 player (one of the 'original' ones that had 32Mb of memory and you plugged into the paralell port), but it hasn't even been switched on since I got the organiser over a year ago :)
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