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I GET TO GO HOME! - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
visiting my parents would be okay if i didn't have to stay at least a month every time i did so. like, Thanksgiving was great. drive here, see people, leave. no time for anything else. but Christmas/New Years always ends up being a big affair, and since i've realistically got nowhere else to live since my dorm is closed during breaks, i have to be here. all the same, sometimes i think i'd rather live in my car for a month.

or at least have a single visit without having an argument about how my presence disrupts their routine.

i think my point here is it's hella weird being a guest in a house you used to live in. anyway, before i leave, i've gotta go visit my backwoods potty-mouth grandmother (not to be confused with my old-fashioned religious grandmother) because if i don't she'll direct her foul mouth squarely at my back and no one will ever hear the end of it. of course, i know that it's the other grandmother who'll be on my case by the end of the semester...but that's another story.

oh, and Ryan and i are ok again. i had to block him on AIM (and he had to get someone else to ask me to unblock him to say this) to get him to say that he thought apologies that were asked for were worthless. i told him i thought that was bullshit, and he asked for a few apologies of his own. so there was a round of qualified apologies and things are once again normal. well, more or less.

to completely change the subject, classes start again on monday and i'm amazed at how much Japanese i've forgotten. i'm also having second thoughts about taking yet another Spanish class when i'm so burnt out on the language. and i've a right to be burnt out, i've been studying it for 8 years. plus i just got an email from the department saying that they're not offering 3 classes this fall that are required for the major, meaning that it's gonna be even harder for me to graduate before my scholarship runs out (which is next spring), so i might try to add one of those classes and drop Applied Spanish Linguistics. but this is all conjecture of course. i might just use this as an excuse not to graduate, but (before anyone gets on my case) that would be a really phenomenally stupid thing to do. but if i add one of those classes, i'll have to drop one as well, because i'm working 25 hours a week this semester, and i don't have time for more than 14 credits. hell, last semester i was working 18 hours a week and barely had time for 14 credits. but this semester i've got a car payment, so i'll have to adjust. incidentally, i got all A's last semester, except for a C in Applied Ethics, a class i didn't want to be in and thus never went to. anyway, if all goes well, i should be able to graduate on time even with that curveball. and if i don't graduate on time, there's no way i can pay tuition after my scholarship runs out, so i'll most likely not graduate at all in that event. but that's not incredibly likely. but i may have to quit taking Japanese in order to graduate on time. which i would hate, but i'd live thru it...

i think i'll just shut up now.
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