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back in business - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
back in business
気持: flirty
音楽: Soft Cell - Tainted Love
on July 27th it will have been 6 months since Ryan and i broke up. this means that i am officially on the market again, now that the time i allowed myself for sorting things out is over. of course, this probably means that no one will want to date me for a couple of years, if the experiences of several close friends are anything to go by. although i read in some newspaper that the Dallas/Fort Worth area has the highest number of singles per capita for any US metropolitan area...

on another note, today finds me even more optimistic than usual about a lot of things, so i'm about to edit my resume into a form i don't mind people actually seeing, so that i can get a decent job that pays enough for me to be able to get my own place. go me!
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From: jifandjelly Date: Wednesday 24th July 2002 15.25 (UTC) (Link)
hey this is going to have nothing to do with your post but I found you with the search by intrests thing (日本語)and I wanted to say hi. I like your format layout thing. I also like your name. lol. so yeah if u wanna IM me at onearmedshanks or add me to your friends list or wutever. peace~!
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 24th July 2002 17.16 (UTC) (Link)
lovely. consider yourself on my friends list. ^_^