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i am discovering a serious need for a portable electronic device, now… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: backwards and inside-out
i am discovering a serious need for a portable electronic device, now that i'm in the real estate business.

for example, this morning i was called and asked if, on my way in, would i look on certain streets between certain other streets for churches that were located in shopping centers and write down their names, addresses, and phone numbers and pastors' names if noted on the building.

since i was already in the car, and i don't keep a full-fledged notepad in the car, only a pad of sticky notes (i was damn lucky to find a pen), i had to resort to writing the instructions on a sticky note and sticking that to the steering wheel, and then when i stopped at each of these storefront churches, jot down all the info i could on a sticky note, stick it somewhere on the dashboard...

i think you see where this is going.

first of all, car dashboards and sticky note adhesive were not designed to work well together.

second of all, i ended up with 10 sticky notes across my dashboard, 2 on the steering wheel, 2 on the radio, 3 on the armrest, and one that got stuck to the windshield because there wasn't room anywhere else.

this wasn't the first time i've had this problem. in fact, i'm on my second pad of sticky notes for the car.

of course, a solution to this problem would be to keep a normal full-size notepad in the car. the problem i have with that is that i take it into the office with me, make notes on it during the day, and invariably forget to take it out again, thus leaving my car without the notepad that i specifically acquired for the purpose of leaving in the car. besides, they're difficult to write on while driving, due to their size.

as you no doubt may have guessed, i wouldn't be whining at all if i could actually afford anything more sophisticated and convenient than a notepad, or if i was accommodating enough to change my lifestyle to fit the requirements of a notepad...though i suppose it's all for the best. heaven forbid my notes ever get organized or make sense of any sort ^_~
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