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television - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
originally begun as a reply to this; moved here when it turned into a mini-rant.

i stopped watching X-Files at about the time it started to develop a regular plot. i liked it a lot better when the show was just about weird shit than after it became a big load of conspiracy theory. likewise, i started to dislike Buffy when the stories got all heavy and gothy. but eh, what do i know? these days i turn on the tv and don't like very much at all that's on these days, mainly because i just don't go for drama and complicated storylines with loads of intrigue when it's acted out by real people. it's fine for movies, but i just don't like it in tv, mainly because i'm a flake, and i have a short attention span. i don't want to get wrapped up in involved plot lines, only to have something in my life come up that forces me to miss an episode and lose the storyline. also, i don't want the tv to control my life. if i have to watch every single episode in order to know what's going on, i will essentially be dead to the world during the time when that show is on, and i just don't want to commit to something as inane as a television show.

the funny part is that i feel the opposite about anime. that is, i love it when the story draws me in and makes me want to watch more. i guess the difference there is that i can obtain anime and watch it whenever i want, as opposed to having to sit in front of the tv at a specified time. in fact, with anime i go so far as to dislike any series whose episodes can be taken in any order you please. but it's the opposite with stuff i have to watch on tv.

and that's why i haven't watched Buffy or X-Files or any number of programs (including some sitcoms) in years. because i'm a flake.
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tragedy From: tragedy Date: Wednesday 2nd October 2002 17.19 (UTC) (Link)
I feel the same way about television.