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i dunno why, all of a sudden i'm wide awake and bouncy. not an hour… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: awake
音楽: Ranma 1/2 OP - jajauma ni sasenaide
i dunno why, all of a sudden i'm wide awake and bouncy. not an hour ago i was nearly falling asleep. but that could be cuz i was at work.

as it turns out, i'm the only one around to close three nights a week. which means that i have to bug everyone else who leaves 30 minutes earlier to start shutting things down before they leave, or do it all myself. guess which i'm gonna do.

o/~ yappapa yappapa iishanten, hashagu koi wa ike no koi... o/~
damn i love Ranma 1/2. i can't get enough of it. well, even if i could get any more of it than i have, it wouldn't be enough. (aside: if anyone knows where i can get subbed Ranma, let me know)

i can't stop thinking about my story (what's new, it's all i've thought about for nearly 2 years), but i can't get motivated to write the next scene. i mean, it's mostly dialogue, and it's not like i have to make it up since it's still the setup phase of the story and i know it all by heart...i'm just worried about the transitions.

like, the next part is where the characters explain to each other what's going on and why everyone is there. but i don't want it to be just two characters talking, i want different characters to explain different parts. and i have no idea how to do that sort of transition in prose. like, in a screenplay it'd be easy. but prose transitions are much more difficult.

dammit, i'm gonna just do it. obsessing never got anyone anywhere (josh :P )
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