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this morning i had what i hope is my last gynecologist appointment… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: almost healthy
音楽: Park Jiyoon - Steal Away
this morning i had what i hope is my last gynecologist appointment until next September. the problems i had that spurred me to make that first appointment have been squared away, and some more mundane annoyances have been dealt with as well, and i've been given a year's worth of prescriptions for that. so now i turn my attention to other problems:

my weight - holding at 168 lbs. for now--actually, the nurse that weighed me today started the scale at 100, and before i had a chance to tell her she should have started at 150, she'd already found that out, and exclaimed, "you don't look like you weigh that much! where are you hiding it?" good question. even when i was anorexically thin enough that i had people concerned for my health, thinking i must have weighed about 100 lbs, i weighed 125. i don't know why exactly i weigh so much more than i look like i do, but i guess it means i shouldn't be so hard on myself about gaining a few pounds.

my teeth - i haven't had a regular dentist appointment1 since the summer of 1994. and lately, my teeth have been hurting. i suspect i've begun clenching my jaw in my sleep, and i know i've got cavities that need filling, and GOD do i need a cleaning. i'd also like to see about getting my overbite fixed enough so that my teeth will actually meet properly when i close my mouth.2. at least my teeth are straight...

1 cleaning, cavity-filling, things like that. i had my wisdom teeth and a molar that had grown in sideways removed in the summer of 2000, but that's all they did.

2 my overbite is large enough that i can stick my pinky into my mouth with my jaw closed, and it hurts to bring my jaw forward enough that my top and bottom teeth meet in front (they made me do that for x-rays last time i was at the dentist and i thought i was going to dislocate my jaw) my teeth also don't nestle into each other like they're supposed to, which makes biting and chewing a bit more work for me than i assume it is for most people. for example, if i close my mouth naturally, only the back four or so teeth on each side even touch each other, some of them on the points.
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