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well, i've gotten everything from UTA except my acceptance… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: okay
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well, i've gotten everything from UTA except my acceptance letter...got invitations to regular orientation, transfer orientation, welcome letter from the Dean of Liberal Arts...and a letter from the Admissions Office saying they need TASP scores...grr, stupid. i told my mom they'd need my high school transcript, since it wouldn't have been noted on my ASU transcript that i was TASP-exempt, because they don't give a fuck about the TASP in Arizona, it being a Texas thing1...so yeah, the getting-back-into-school thing is going okay.

i still haven't been able to find a job of any sort. this is getting to be quite irritating, because soon i won't be able to pay for my violin lessons anymore. but i might be going to Cincinnati next week with my dad anyway, because he wants someone to help drive. my concern is how i'm going to be able to stand being in the same house with my dad's brother's family for a whole week. then again, i still don't know whether i'm going or not.

at any rate, i'm doing okay, all things considered...

1 TASP stands for Texas Academic Skills Program, and anyone who wants to enroll in a public college or university in Texas must provide proof of either having passed the exam or being exempt from taking it. i qualify as exempt in 3 ways, one of which is actually noted on my ASU transcript (my SAT score), but apparently they are so dense that they need my high school transcript, which has "TASP EXEMPT" stamped on it in large letters.
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