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okay. the website guy did finally call back at about 1pm...i picked… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
音楽: Selena y Los Barrio Boyzz - Dondequiera Que Estés
okay. the website guy did finally call back at about 1pm...i picked up the check at 6pm after my last violin lesson of the year.
$26 of that money was used this evening to prebook movie tickets for 4 tomorrow afternoon (no points for guessing which movie)

Shonen Jump finally dutifully mailed to cjd at a cost of $10.20, due to arrive at his door in 20-30 business days, provided i got the address right and customs doesn't reject it...(they said to treat it as documents/personal mail and not fill out a customs form. i hope that doesn't bite me in the ass)

tomorrow morning i'm supposed to call and make an appointment with an academic advisor about my transfer stuff...*shudder*
i hate academic advisors. i always get stuck with one that's not only completely inept, but likes to micromanage. i just hope enough stuff transfers that i don't lose more than a year...but the semester ends this week, so it's likely i won't get an appointment until after winter break...oh well.
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