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now that i've slept... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
now that i've slept...
気持: mmm, Legolas (still)
音楽: Selena - La Llamada
here's the spoily version of what i think of the movie:

at this point i'm wondering how they're going to fit the entire story in without making the third movie 5 hours long. granted, i think all that stuff they added in about Arwen was a bad idea, but even if they took it out, they couldn't have fit all of the second book into one three-hour movie. why filmmakers think movies always have to have a love interest is beyond me. i think that addition cheapens and waters down this story.

but the things that most gnawed at me were the little things. conversations that were compressed in such a way as to have a different meaning than they should have (it seems that they've seen fit to make it so that anyone who meets our protagonists immediately distrusts and despises them, and only Gandalf can change their mind). Legolas using the damn saddle and bridle. Faramir being even more of an asshole than his brother. hell, Faramir being an asshole at all. i mean, sure he was a little rough on them at first, but he did soften up quite a bit once he figured out what was going on. and he specifically said he wasn't out for glory and had no desire for the ring...rewritten characters are worse than ones left out, i think. speaking of omitted characters, i miss Quickbeam even more than i missed Tom Bombadil, for some reason. and i really would have liked to see more of Treebeard. the Ents are some of the most interesting characters, i think...

all of that said, i did really like the movie. the battle at Helm's Deep had me in tears. and if they ever make Ent action figures, i want one. those Ents were damn cool. and i loved Gollum. the portrayal of his duality was spot-on; in fact when i read the book that was something i never really paid attention to, but they did a lovely job on that.

it may sound like i've criticised this movie more than i've praised it...oh well. i loved it. just 12 more months to go till the next one... *sigh*
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tragedy From: tragedy Date: Thursday 19th December 2002 11.12 (UTC) (Link)
One of the only things I agree with you on is Faramir. He really was an asshole. But overall I loved the movie in every other way, I loved the ents and wished there was more on them too. But oh well, I thought it was truely awesome.

I also love the Requiem for a Dream remix that they used for the trailer. *_*

Mmm, Legolas.

Orlando Bloom's going to be in a movie with Johnny Depp. *_*!
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Thursday 19th December 2002 11.42 (UTC) (Link)
heh, it seems that this review has revealed the deep dark secret that i'm a bit of a Tolkien geek ^_~

i can't help it though; he combines my two great loves: fantasy and linguistics ^^;
ang_grrr From: ang_grrr Date: Thursday 19th December 2002 11.40 (UTC) (Link)
It was the treatment of Faramir that most riled Sandra, however I feel that the shoehorning of Arwen into the story is the most annoying alteration. Damn I have to read the book again.

Additional: I heard Liv Tyler speak in her natural voice for the first time this week. Bloody hell, it's annoying. No wonder they have her talk in that husky whisper

valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Thursday 19th December 2002 11.49 (UTC) (Link)
both of those points have me up in arms, but i find the rewriting of Faramir more annoying because i really liked Faramir in the book, as a contrast to Boromir. kind of showed that everyone in Gondor wasn't all out for power and glory.

i wouldn't be so angry about all the Arwen nonsense if they'd actually managed to fit in the entirety of the book. since they didn't even finish the material that's in the book to begin with, it seems really stupid to add in extra stuff, especially really sappy stuff that contributes absolutely nothing to the story. it's like they think we wouldn't watch if there wasn't some sort of love story involved. as if the story as it is isn't interesting enough.

the more i think about this stuff, the more irritated i get...grrrr...