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linguistics class musings - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
linguistics class musings
i'd never done a morphological analysis of an agglutinative language before, but it's tons easier than doing one for a fusional language. so much easier that i was thoroughly confused at first. but the fact that each morpheme only means one thing, and the fact that there's a set order in which each type of morpheme has to go, makes it a lot easier than analyzing fusional languages, where morphemes tend to synthesize meanings and not have as many mutually exclusive categories.

i still need to get over my mental block about syllabification, though. i tend to assume morpheme breaks and syllable breaks occur in the same places, when the two concepts are completely unrelated. i had trouble with this in every other linguistics class i've taken that included morphology, at least in my Spanish linguistics class, when it came to morphological analysis of verbs, there was a nice little chart, and if my brain switched into "syllable" mode i could just start on the right-hand side of the word instead of the left, and it'd work itself out. since i can't do that here, i'm trying to retrain my brain to look for differences in transcription, regardless of syllable breaks. but (and this may be a hangover from learning/transcribing Japanese), it's hard for me not to see words as a collection of syllables, and there's something in me that recoils at breaking a vowel from the preceding consonant. i really must work on that.

apart from that, the class is also about syntax. i was pretty good at sentence tree diagrams in the last class i took that required them, but that class only covered sentence tree diagrams for English sentences. here i'm having to do them in all sorts of languages, and i'm not sure what they're supposed to look like. for example, a problem we're supposed to look at before Monday (when we'll do it together in class) involves the language Lotuko, which appears to have the structure VSO...English is SVO, so i guess the tree diagram would just have the first and second sections reversed, but it looks and feels odd to me. oh well, something else to work on.
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not really.