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some late new year's-type resolutions... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
some late new year's-type resolutions...
気持: peaceful
音楽: aiko - アイツを振り向かせる方法
i really wrote this to be posted in my Japanese journal (and i did post it there), but i figured i probably wouldn't do these things unless i posted them somewhere where someone would actually read them besides me. and since people are actually reading them here, i thought i'd better elaborate on some of them. ^_^
they're really not formal resolutions, or even really new year-ish, but i still hope to be able to discipline myself into doing the following (which are mostly just common sense, but it helps to write it down):

  • go to bed by midnight (otherwise i don't get enough sleep and end up napping and throwing off my entire sleep schedule)

  • eat a healthy lunch (or reasonable facsimile thereof; get a cold sandwich or a salad instead of fast food--probably cheaper as well)

  • get up at 7:30 (i don't have to leave the house until 8am, and lately i've been getting up at 7:50, giving barely enough time to brush my teeth and put on clothes)

  • finish my homework on time (this is a big one for me, especially reading assignments, because i always put them off and then at the last minute i realize i haven't done them)

  • clean out my car once a week (i am amazed at how much trash can accumulate when i'm not paying attention. shame on me.)

for one hour every day (if possible, ceteris paribus):
  • study Japanese (so as not to forget it all. posting in my Japanese journal counts.)

  • practice the violin (i'm actually starting not to sound like a disemboweled hound when i play--this is no time to slack off)

  • do my homework (yes, i put this in both places. i need to be reminded at every chance.)

  • study Spanish (even though i'm taking a Hispanic lit. class right now, i'm amazed at how much Spanish i've forgotten. my eyes glaze over when i try to read in Spanish, and my vocabulary is very bad. if i'm going to make it through, i need more practice.)

EDIT: the irony is, of the above 8 things, i've only managed 2 of them today--the eating a more healthy lunch (some sort of health food granola thingy with dried cranberries in) and the studying Japanese. i have done my homework for my linguistics class, but not for any of the others, so i can't claim to have done that one. not the best start, but if i can manage to hold onto even such meager success, it'll be something.
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