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prescriptivism annoys me. - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
prescriptivism annoys me.
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today i've happened to read several web pages belonging to pedantic people whinging about things they consider to be grammar/pronunciation/usage errors. even bearing in mind that only the truly egotistical anal-retentive pedantic (or an English teacher ^_~) would actually care enough to make a website about this sort of thing and think that it might convince someone to actually change their grammar/pronunciation/usage habits, some of them are really silly. one such page even suggests avoiding the use of the word "noon" because it comes from the Latin for "ninth hour" and since the Romans considered the day to begin at 6 a.m., "noon" is really 3 p.m.! while i agree that having certain pet peeves of grammar/pronunciation/usage is perfectly valid, one of my own pet peeves is people who want to foist their own idea of correctness on everything else. even if "homophobia" shouldn't mean "fear of homosexuals" by analysis of its Greek roots, that fact is irrelevant because that is the definition we have given the whole word, and i am not illiterate because i pronounce "ceramic" as seramik rather than keramik (honestly, how many people who haven't studied Greek actually do pronounce it in the latter fashion?). yes, learning the etymological roots of words is beneficial and enlightening; however, unless you're actually speaking Greek or Latin or whatever, i think you should pronounce and use English words as what they are: English words.

that much said, i am not without my own pet peeves about grammar/pronunciation/usage, and i do believe there is a such thing as correct standard grammar. i just don't go around correcting people when anyone who is able to understand English can understand them perfectly well. would anyone else care to share thoughts on this?
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From: lobotomymonkey Date: Wednesday 12th February 2003 11.08 (UTC) (Link)
My girlfriend teaches ESL to Brazilians. I've looked at some of the teaching materials and noted "Nobody really talks like that" about alot of things.
And then I've looked at some of the things her students have written, which didn't follow the template examples, or were even wildly off-base, but said "Yeah, that makes sense if you say it that way..." even though marking it as 'correct' would be misleading to anyone learning the language. Or, by the template, there is no correct answer as I see it, but the book is looking for something "technically correct".

A lot of times I even have to correct her, because she says things that just don't sound right to my ear, even though they follow all the basic "rules" of English.

Usage trumps all. Even when you're not correct by the book.
raditzsex From: raditzsex Date: Wednesday 12th February 2003 13.28 (UTC) (Link)
Hey, that's cool! My mom is an ESL teacher, too. But she's a grammar nazi*.

Usage can vary regionally, though, so if there's a question about meaning, I'll go with the dictionary. I think to really be understood across, heh, "multiple platforms", you should defer to the dictionary usage. But in casual conversation with people from your region, usage is kizzing.

* I'm using definition (from m-w) 2 often not capitalized : one who resembles a German Nazi
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fahran From: fahran Date: Wednesday 12th February 2003 18.33 (UTC) (Link)
I have to say that I am a major pedant when it comes to grammar. Sometimes I find I even apologise for my own grammar when I'm speaking and realise I've used incorrect grammar. My major pet peeve is the use of "was" instead of "were" - eg "If I was a pedant" instead of the correct "If I were a pedant".

There is one work colleague who persistently annoys me with use of "me" instead of "my", double negatives, and the lack of the letter "g" at the end of words ending with "ing".

Personally, I feel I'm too critical of people's grammar. Much of the spoken English language is creeping away from what would be considered correct. The vernacular spreads very quickly, especially through the youth of society, and while I often cringe I also think that if the speaker's meaning is conveyed correctly then who cares?

As a side note, I once started making up my own meanings of Liff. Someone who persistently corrects your grammar while you are speaking is called a Quibdo. :-)
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 12th February 2003 19.50 (UTC) (Link)
whoa, does everyone have an LJ? nice to see ya! ^_^
fahran From: fahran Date: Saturday 15th February 2003 21.00 (UTC) (Link)
Heh. Thanks. :-)

I must admit though, I was a sheep and followed other atvrders here. I miss the old #starbug/#bluemidget days.