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okay. my computer is seriously fucked. i didn't do a damn thing to… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: worried
okay. my computer is seriously fucked. i didn't do a damn thing to it, and it's suddenly running at 100% CPU from startup, and a lot of programs won't start at all. my virus scanner isn't finding anything wrong--in fact, i shut it off the other night just after the virus scanner finished running. basically, on startup, it starts to load ZoneAlarm and then just stops, having only completely loaded the virus scanning software, which typically loads just before ZoneAlarm. AIM and MSN Messenger are listed in the processes tab in Task Manager, but don't show up anywhere else, and if i click on End Process, it doesn't work (that is, the process doesn't actually end). if i try to start another copy of them, those don't load either. my LJ client doesn't load at all. if i try to open IE, again, the process shows up in the list, but the program doesn't seem to actually start. at least with that one when i click on End Process it actually ends. i've tried logging into both accounts on the computer and i get the same result. i've got no idea what i did or how to fix it (suggestions would be appreciated there)...but my sister's mouse and keyboard are driving me insane. ^_^

in the meantime, i haven't checked my email either, so if any of you have emailed me (unlikely, but i might as well cover all bases), uhh...i haven't checked it. mainly because my sister's mouse is so recalcitrant that using anything that i can't navigate by keyboard is a major annoyance, including using web clients to check my email.

EDIT: never mind, i managed to fix it. stupid computers.
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nonosh From: nonosh Date: Wednesday 19th February 2003 01.28 (UTC) (Link)
About the PC... I have asked the engineer guy in my IT Department, (well, he is very good at it...) and he reckons that probably by virus. He is look into it, so when I get more information from him, I'll post here again.
What I think is, probably your virus software wasn't update when the virus came in, and obiviously when it scans, it cannot detect it, even the virus is there! Have you had funny email came through or something can you think of anything?

valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 19th February 2003 08.42 (UTC) (Link)

no, it wasn't a virus. or at least if it was, i'm not having any more problems. it seems like one of the programs that starts immediately when the computer starts wasn't loading properly and causing everything to freeze up. i got rid of that program and it's working fine now.

thanks though. ^_^
nonosh From: nonosh Date: Wednesday 19th February 2003 08.43 (UTC) (Link)


Well Done!