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ひまがない時を懐かしんでいる - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: mellow
音楽: Cowboy Bebop - Words That We Couldn't Say
first off, i am jealous of the snow that some of you have. jealous jealous jealous.

secondly, i am completely flat broke. if i can't get a job by approximately next week i am in serious trouble. so tomorrow i'm gonna do everything i can to get whatever job i can. hopefully in the five hours i've got between classes i can manage to put in a few applications at the mall or something...

that, and i need to practice the violin more, exercise more, go to bed earlier, and get up earlier. i've been really frazzled lately, and i'm feeling that i need to establish some sort of routine. i've never really had a routine before, but i think now that might help keep me sane. i hope so, anyway. i've been feeling the effects of having way too much time to think for the past few months, and it'll be nice not to have an extra moment to catch my breath, if i can manage that. i think that's a big part of what's been missing from my life since i left Arizona. i think i can do all these things if i can find a way to hold myself accountable for not doing them. i'm horribly undisciplined.

i started working on my story again, but from a different angle this time. a more stream-of-consciousness narration of events told by the daughter. of course, she wasn't alive for about 1/3 of the story, but i figure she'd have been told about the important parts, and i'll just leave out the details, since i tend to get hung up on those, and she wouldn't think most of them are important even if she did know them. maybe i can keep myself interested this way, since the third-person narration i tried before seemed too dry even to me. i'm not really cut out for writing normal fiction. i can do technical writing and stream-of-consciouness, and those are even kinda iffy. maybe if i finish this one quickly it'll be relatively painless... it's a great story (well, i think so anyway), i just wish it was in the head of someone who could write it better than i can. i just remembered. there's no way the daughter could know about the coolest part of the story...hmm. i'll have to deal with that when it comes up. i keep seeing it in my head as more of a screenplay than prose anyway...

oh well...bedtime now. with some luck tomorrow might actually be productive...
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raditzsex From: raditzsex Date: Tuesday 18th February 2003 22.18 (UTC) (Link)
Write it as a screenplay then. I mean, don't worry about "screenplay format", just use a format that works for you for now. Screenplay is really good for anything that is heavy in dialogue, and light on "She thought she would burst into a thousand small petals..." kind of thing. I think it's easier to switch viewpoints and scenes, but that may just be me.

Screenplay, IMO, is not really a good format for 1st person, unless you're going to switch who the 1st person is several times, like in that episode of Johnny Bravo where Johnny, Carl, and Susie each have their own versions of events that took place at the park. I really like those kinds of stories.

That's my 2p ;)
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Tuesday 18th February 2003 22.43 (UTC) (Link)
even when i tell the story to myself i'm constantly switching narrators. i've told myself the story from the point of view of nearly everyone involved, and Aviva's version is the least boring one that still focuses on the characters i consider important (this idea started with the thought of setting it up like Aviva's telling her parents' story to a psychiatrist, because in one version of the story their kids end up pretty screwed up). the only problem is, the best parts of the action happen either before she's born, or in another dimension. i haven't even really decided whether anyone except the three involved in that other dimension should know about it, or whether somehow everyone just accepts what happens and never asks them why things are suddenly different.

what i really want to avoid is it turning into a cheesy romance thing. i mean, it's romantic, but whenever i try to tell it from the point of view of one of the main characters, it either gets all angsty (Arelah) or schmaltzy (Duo). Leo's story is too boring, Aviva doesn't know enough...maybe the grey one should tell the story (still not dead certain on what his name should be yet), but i haven't fully fleshed out his character to the point where i can narrate from his point of view, since he's not really in the story very much.

i do wish i'd come up with something that wasn't so metaphysically tricky. if i end up doing it in more of a screenplay style, it'll be a sort of cinematic monologue interspersed with actual scene-type dialogues. what i'm experimenting with right now is telling the whole story with one character, until the very end when all the cool stuff happens, then switching to dialogue mode.

the hardest part has been finding out that i don't really believe in the type of world, the type of relationship between the two characters, that i first envisioned. what it's become may be a bit hard to understand, but a lot more realistic. (okay, so i just really like the idea of having their earthly relationship at least partly based on nymphomania. it adds an interesting psychological dimension, alludes to the truth about them, and explains why their kid would be telling their life story to a psychiatrist.)

in short, now that i've decided that i'm definitely going to write this (and i'm not changing the names unless it manages to actually get published, since that's the only case in which Bandai might try to sue me over it...it feels wrong to try to call them something else, and it's harder to write that way), i've been playing around with it a little, thinking more deeply into the way the characters interact with each other and their motivations. Quatre is particularly interesting in that sense, but the inside of his head is pretty boring. besides, he's so easy to read that any of the other characters can tell how he's feeling anyway. i'll shut up now. ^_^
From: lobotomymonkey Date: Wednesday 19th February 2003 06.15 (UTC) (Link)
If you're 8 years old and don't have to shovel or drive in it, you have every right to be jealous.
Otherwise, it sucks. Sucks big time. Shoveling heavy packed-by-the-plow snow in the sub-freezing cold, driving in next to 0 visibility on a super slippery road that you're not even touching the surface of, etc.. it's bad. Not to mention the accidents. Many pictures of cars flipped vertical, etc, on the news, I've almost been there a couple of times.

Not fun.
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 19th February 2003 08.56 (UTC) (Link)
you know, even that would be a novelty for quite some time. i don't think you quite understand the scope of what i'm saying, which is that the accumulation of all the snow i've ever seen at home in my lifetime probably totals about 3 inches (well, okay, i was in Amarillo for the blizzard of '84, but i don't remember it at all) usually when it snows here, it melts immediately upon landing, or there's an accumulation of maybe 1/4 inch. you have to scrape up about a square yard to make a snowball. the point is that i have never, ever been able to play in the snow, or even really see a decent amount of it. hell, i went to Colorado on a skiing trip and it didn't even snow then. in fact, that's what i was thinking as i sat in the Minneapolis airport for 8 hours watching a huge blizzard going on outside...so just let me be jealous, okay?