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it's Spring Break already, so where's my drunken orgy? - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
it's Spring Break already, so where's my drunken orgy?
気持: bouncy
音楽: Selena - La Llamada
earlier tonight, out of the blue my mom told me "you'd better have a date or something this weekend." i gave her a look and asked her if she was trying to get rid of me. she said "you need to get out and enjoy yourself more often." so...i am completely free all next week, any time of the day or night,to anyone within an hour's drive from me. ^_^

but i'm not expecting anyone to want to see me, so i've invented something for me to do over Spring Break so i don't end up going on a homicidal rampage. i'm going to learn Esperanto, because i can. still, i'd like to hang out with somebody. i can't spend the whole break in this house. though i might venture out looking for a job, or to the downtown library to study, since i've decided to give myself a crash course in Esperanto. not that i know anyone to practice it with, i'm just intrigued by the prospect of a completely regular language (and the fact that there are Esperanto speakers all over the world who will offer up rooms in their homes for free to travelers who also speak Esperanto). i think i can get the grammar and pronunciation down in a week, though. vocabulary is another story...it's my weak point in every language i know. at least i'm good at navigating my way around words i don't know. ^_^
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From: _jamez_ Date: Friday 14th March 2003 06.05 (UTC) (Link)
How do you say "The weather here is quite celmant, but I am most awfully afraid that I have a frog in my Bidet."?