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songs to learn grammar by - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
songs to learn grammar by
気持: pedantic
sung to the tune of the verses of "battle hymn of the republic": うつるってぶむぬんでくいてぐいで、うつるってぶむぬんでくいてぐいで、うつるってぶむぬんでくいてぐいで、すしてくるきて行く行って。 a 218K WAV of me singing this (right-click and save it. stupid geocities.)

at first glance it looks like nonsense, because it is. any native speaker of japanese (or any other language for that matter) will look at you as if you're insane if you go around singing this. but it's a good way to memorize the gyrations of putting japanese verbs in the -て or -た form. the -た form is informal past tense, and you get it by taking the -て form and substituting た for て.

yeah, i'm really writing all this out for my own benefit. but if anyone actually cares to, they can read more.

here's how the song works:

for verbs that end in う, つ, or る (not including those that drop the る), you drop the う, つ, or る and add って. if it's one of those verbs that drops the る when you put it in the -ます form, then you just drop the る and add て.

for verbs that end in ぶ, む, or ぬ, you drop the ぶ, む, or ぬ and add んで.

for verbs ending in く, drop く and add いて.

for verbs ending in ぐ, drop ぐ and add いで.

(repeated 3 times to fit the song)

for verbs ending in す, drop す and add して. incidentally, the -て form of the verb する is also して.

the verb くる (来る in kanji) becomes きて (来て in kanji).

the verb 行く becomes 行って.

yes, it's a long and redundant explanation. but it's helped me get this straight in my head. sorry to waste space on your friends page ;)
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