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i need cable. - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
i need cable.
気持: bored
音楽: Gackt - Nine Spiral
there's nothing on tv worth watching that i haven't already seen, so i'm watching this storm documentary on PBS that i just saw 2 weeks ago (i think this is one of the ways they try to get you to send them money, by showing the same stuff over and over)..."Savage Planet: Storm of the Century" or something like that. AND NO ONE IS ONLINE FOR ME TO TALK TO!

I just downloaded this song (the one i'm listening to), and even though it's been years since i was into anything as heavy as this (like, since i bought that Rammstein CD in '99 i've only bought aiko albums), but i really like it. i've actually sort of tried to avoid Gackt because he was the absolute favorite singer of someone i intensely disliked, but i'm discovering to my horror that he has a really sexy voice. Not that i can understand what he's saying, because i have trouble deciphering deep voices, even in my native language, so he (or anyone else with a relatively deep voice) might as well be mumbling nonsense for all i can understand, at least in some places. but i did look up the lyrics, and unlike Rammstein, it didn't totally put me off the music (not that Gackt can really be compared to Rammstein1, but i totally lost interest in them when i got curious enough to read lyrics translations). so i'm downloading some more of his stuff, cringing when i notice that the very songs that this girl went all screaming-fangirl over are the same ones i like...

on a similar note, i keep meaning to try Hamasaki Ayumi, but i still just can't stay in the room during her songs. they annoy me too much.

oh! my dad and my brother went fishing yesterday. they caught some fish (3 or 4, i think) with their poles, and my dad put out some traps as well. when he went back to the lake to check the traps, he had 16 catfish! we'll likely fry some, bake some, and give away or freeze the rest, since we can't really eat it all.

YAY, my book did arrive yesterday (my sister just got back from picking up the mail, which my grandparents retreive from our box at the post office at the same time they retreive their own mail). so yay, i have something to do this week while i'm sitting there babysitting the mini-storage. I'm looking forward to the money from that, but it's extremely tedious.

1 stylistically, of course. though i've noticed that most J-pop/J-rock artists tend to have a wider stylistic range than Western artists do. The song that is my current music is on the heavy and industrial side, but it's not really representative of his overall style.
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From: brokensphinx Date: Sunday 18th May 2003 14.41 (UTC) (Link)

rentahero From: rentahero Date: Sunday 18th May 2003 19.32 (UTC) (Link)

Yay! Gackt!

Yet another falls to the psychic force that is Gackt. I hope I'm not the one you intensely dislike -_-;
Well, Gackt isn't my favorite artist anyway. He's getting up there though. I like his softer stuff, like Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume, Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto and U+K. Sometimes Vanilla. Not a big fan of Nine Spiral.
If you like Gackt's harder stuff, you may want to try Visual-kei stuff like Malice Mizer (Gackt's old band before he went solo), and Duel Jewel (who I just got back from seeing live) Hayato, the lead singer, has a somewhat similar voice to Gackt at times.
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Sunday 18th May 2003 20.43 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Yay! Gackt!

I like the lighter stuff too. In fact, I probably wouldn't like Nine Spiral as much if I hadn't read the lyrics before I heard it. But yeah, I'm in the process of checking him out more. Can't hurt to have more sexy-voiced man in my PC. ^_^
rentahero From: rentahero Date: Monday 19th May 2003 15.26 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Yay! Gackt!

Well, I'm glad someone else likes Gackt. I really think he's pretty cool. If you can, try and check out some episodes of Domoto Kyoudai, Gackt is on about half of the episodes (he's on the older ones a lot more than newer). He's really amusing on it. Maybe I'll send you some :)