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closet cleanout time again... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
closet cleanout time again...
気持: bored
Why is it that whenever I'm looking for something to wear, I always come across 10 things I'll never wear again, like my concert dress from high school, or a pair of jeans that are size 7-juniors-short (the size I wore in 9th grade), before I find something I actually want to wear? It seems that no matter how many boxes of clothes I send to Goodwill, I keep coming across the same old clothes, or other ones I thought I had gotten rid of long ago.

I've discovered that part of the problem is that whenever my mom cleans out her closet, half the clothes she's getting rid of mysteriously find their way into my closet. Well, it's not so mysterious, really. She doesn't want to actually get rid of the clothes she doesn't wear anymore, she just wants to make room for more clothes, so she puts the clothes she doesn't wear very often in someone else's closet, hoping they won't notice. Well, it's hard not to notice when your closet is half-full of someone else's clothes...
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