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Berry Farming... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Berry Farming...
音楽: Pokemon Ruby - Route 123 (the Berry Master's Garden)
Are no games complete nowadays without some element in them that needs constant attention? Let me explain. Pokemon games have had an internal clock ever since the 2nd generation (Gold/Silver/Crystal). Back then the clock was used for (surprise, surprise) determining the time of day. People greeted you differently based on the time of day it was, and certain monsters could only be caught at certain times of day. Berry trees produced one berry per day, and the only intervention required on the part of the player was to pick the damn berry and come back tomorrow.

The current generation of Pokemon games also asks you to set the clock when you start the game. This time, however, the clock doesn't seem to have any effect on anything. Berries don't grow back once you pick them, either. Apparently this time you're a destructive little kid, and you cut down the whole bush when you pick the berries, leaving behind only soft, loamy soil in which you are expected to plant more berries. This is where the clock comes in. There are about 35 different types of berries, some rarer than others. Each berry takes a different amount of time to fully grow, from 12 to 72 hours--and that's if you water them regularly. The good part is that the game seems only to keep track of how many times you've watered them in a day, so you can sit there watering one berry like 20 times and it grows just as if you'd watered it about once an hour all day. Most of the berry plants, especially the rare ones, only yield one or two berries if you don't water them obsessively.

Of course, as you probably can guess, the difficulty of obtaining something in a game is directly related to its importance in fully completing the game. This time, kicking the asses of the Pokemon League is only one of the 5 things you need to do to complete the game (and let me tell ya, it's the easiest one). In the previous generation, when berries were first introduced, they were only used as cost-free forms of healing HP or adverse status effects. In this generation, some of the berries still do that (the most common ones). The others are only useful for producing more berries like themselves, and won't have any effect when fed directly to a monster. So what are they for? Making Pokeblocks, of course. This is related to another game quest, which is about the same difficulty level as the main quest of defeating the Pokemon League...Contests.

Without going into excessive detail, you have to use the berries you've grown in a Berry Blender (via in-game characters or with real-life friends through a link cable), and feed them to your Pokemon to raise their beauty, cool, smart, tough, or cute stat levels, which have no bearing on anything at all but their contest performance. It is almost impossible to win any Contests other than the lowest-level one without making some Pokeblocks. And for this you need berries. Lots of berries, of different types. And it's a pain to get them. Now that I've come full circle on the subject, I think it's time to shut up. ^_^
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From: lobotomymonkey Date: Wednesday 13th August 2003 06.58 (UTC) (Link)

Don't you just love "kids' games" that encourage slavery and drug use?
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 13th August 2003 07.41 (UTC) (Link)
It's cockfighting. Cockfighting with steroids. Completely different from slavery and drug use. ^_~
raditzsex From: raditzsex Date: Wednesday 13th August 2003 08.51 (UTC) (Link)
Right. Here's what I know:

You can make perfectly decent Pokeblocks that will allow you to win all through Master rank contests using berries # 21-25 and blending them in Lilycove city. These will yeild 6 berries if you obsessively water them.

But the real prize is berries # 31-35. These make the best pokeblocks ever (level 50 feels like 32). But these berries are a pain. Good news, you don't have to water them obsessively! One watering in each stage of growth is enough to produce 2 berries. If you can't do that, water them 2 or 3 times every time you come across them. They take 96 (iirc) hours to grow, so you really can take your time. I think 4 or 5 waterings is all you need to get 2 berries.
Once it says "These SPELON flowers are blooming very beautifully!" you can rest easy. You will have 2 berries.

Notice, too, that most of the other kinds of berries are available from people who give out berries. I don't even grow those at all, I just wait for someone to give 'em to me.

There's actually 42 known berries. #36 grows on Mirage Island, but I don't know where or how to get the other ones. You can see what effect they have in Battle Tower, though. Like, Leichi raises attack, and Salac raises speed... stuff like that.
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 13th August 2003 09.51 (UTC) (Link)
Ranting aside, here's what I know:

#11-15 are available from a girl on Route 120/121, but she'll only give you one of them. Which one depends on your ID number, and apparently can change when you mix records with someone.

#31-35 are available from the Berry Master's wife if you tell her the right things, but you only get one of each, so you have to grow them. They all take FOREVER to grow (72 hours) and you only get one back unless you water it every time you even think about it.

LIECHI (#36) are available on Mirage Island. That's the only way to get them.

For #37-42 I have no idea. I've seen a couple of them in Battle Tower, but I haven't seen anything on how to get them. Anywhere.

My hangup is that I'm not satisfied with getting 2 berries every time. I want more berries, NOW! I think that's part of my problem with this whole thing. I'm too impatient. Though I have found that with obsessive watering it is possible to get 5 or 6 berries off some types. I just hate waiting.
bmg From: bmg Date: Wednesday 13th August 2003 12.46 (UTC) (Link)
I was wondering if you made that Cloud "We're not longer in Midgard" icon because I'd love to nominate it in vg_icon_awards =3
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 13th August 2003 16.20 (UTC) (Link)

Yep, I made it. I made all my icons. Feel free to nominate or whatever. And thanks. ^_^;