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Guess who goes back to East Texas this weekend.... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Guess who goes back to East Texas this weekend....
No, no painting involved this time. Just a rendezvous with an electrician... Apparently whoever fixed the wiring in the house was instructed by my late great-uncle not to use conduit (most likely because of expense, but I wouldn't put it past him to prefer the homemade look to his wiring1), so the breaker box (which is on the outside of the house since he had to get a bigger one to accommodate actual breakers rather than fuses, an upgrade he made only because it was finally necessary) has a large, thick tangle of wires coming out of it and is a major fire hazard. My great-aunt, who lives in the next town, has already made the appointment for the electrician, but since it's my grandmother's house, she wants to be the one telling him what she wants done... and I have to drive her. I'd really rather not, but I'd feel bad if something happened to her while my grandfather was driving (if anyone's an Alzheimer's candidate, he is. But the man hasn't seen a doctor in 10 years and is convinced that modern Western medicine gives you cancer), my sister's got plans, and that exhausts everyone else I could conceivably palm the job off on. So I'm leaving tomorrow night. I'll definitely be back by Monday, tho. She has to be back at work then. ^_^

1 Evidenced by the fact that he never did finish-out on any of the renovations he made to the house in the short few years it was his. Several boards on the outside of the house were replaced but never painted to match the house. He moved a bedroom wall so that the closet would be in the opposite bedroom (I'd probably have to draw a diagram for you to fully understand this; just go with it) and left the wall (plywood, not drywall or sheetrock) unfinished. He ripped up the old hardwood floors to replace the rotting subfloor, and never replaced the hardwood. I suppose an aging bachelor doesn't give a damn what the place looks like, as long as it keeps the weather out...
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