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Quest for the Holy Grail Browser - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Quest for the Holy Grail Browser
気持: complacent
音楽: FF8 - Triple Triad (guess what I'm playing?)
So I tried Opera for a month. There were things I liked, and things I didn't like, right off the bat. Some of the things I didn't like, I managed to get used to. Others were a constant pain in the neck (like that stupid Transfers window). So much so that I still used IE6 for some things, because Opera either wouldn't do them (displaying plain text files in a noneditable way) or displayed them badly.

So today I downloaded the other browser that was recommended to me, Mozilla Firebird. So far I'm liking it quite a bit, though I haven't tried downloading things or displaying text files yet. I'm already noticing some differencesin the way it displays certain things, and I'm finding these differences to be happy differences rather than irritating ones. So far so good.

Yesterday I mentioned that I'd started a third FF8 game. What I didn't mention is that it was supposed to be a no-level-up game. Okay, so I've picked an easy game for that challenge. Hell, it's not even really a challenge. So far it's been an advantage to rely on junctions and spell accumulation rather than leveling up. But I'm really not that far into the game. Like, I'm not even halfway thru disc 1, and I've got way better stats this time than I had at this point the two previous times I played. Well, the first play through was pretty pathetic anyway. I didn't get all the GFs, didn't refine or look for any killer magic, didn't refine any badass weapons...The second time through, I did all that. I didn't get all the ultimate weapons, but it was close enough for my purposes. This time, because of my low level and desire to stay that way, I won't be able to get the ultimate weapons, or at least not Squall's. Well, I might break the no-exp rule for that, since I've never managed to get that weapon before. I haven't decided yet. Depends on how much trouble it is. ^_~

I hope to finish this play through FF8 before classes start next week, and then I'll be able to cross it off my list (funny how there are those games you come back to again and again, even though you've got new ones you've never finished...)
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valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Tuesday 19th August 2003 11.42 (UTC) (Link)
It's not that I want tabs and popup blocking (though now that I've gotten used to those, I must say they're very nice), it's that IE is a nightmare when it comes to displaying international characters that aren't given tags that specify the font to be used.

So far both Opera and Firebird have been better about this, but Opera had the nasty habit of ignoring inline CSS even when I told it not to, and Firebird seems to be using fonts that I told it not to. I'm also noticing that Firebird doesn't have a visible cursor in editboxes, and I'm not liking that...