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Card games in RPGs... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Card games in RPGs...
気持: bored
音楽: Final Fantasy VIII - Faye Wong - Eyes On Me Almighty (Trance Remix)
Yes, I know I'm a moron who's still playing FF8 when there are tons of newer games out. Back off, I like it. :p

I'm finding the game...interesting...this time through. Since I'm trying not to level up, I'm finding it essential to play cards, meaning that I actually have to play cards. I've never played cards much the other times I played the game. In fact, that one card battle you have to win in order to get the Battle Meter in the Information menu, I had Ryan do it for me, because I hadn't managed to figure out the rules. This time through, I'm looking at a lot of FAQs about the card game and how to play it, because I need the cards to refine into magic and items that I would be winning in random battles if I was fighting any. That, and refining cards rather than simply relying on the Draw command allows you to have stronger magic much faster, which makes your junctions better. I'm in the middle of disc 2 and I'm still way stronger than you're supposed to be at this point in the game, and I haven't gained any levels (okay, that's not absolutely true, since there are some battles you get EXP from that you can't run from, but I haven't gained more than one level on any character).

Basically, I'm finding out that I should have been playing cards and doing this sort of thing every time I played, even in games where I leveled up the normal way, because it's making my life that much easier. I'm killing bosses with a few physical attacks, and I haven't even upgraded any of my weapons yet. I'm liking this a lot.

I have to admit, I only played cards in FF9 just enough to get the rare items from winning the card tournament. It's more complicated than Triple Triad as far as attacking goes, and it's harder to get good cards since the card stats are randomized (in FF8 the card numbers are set based on the type of card it is), but it's easier to figure out, and you don't have to worry about the nightmare of worldwide rule management (which is what discouraged me from playing cards in FF8). Based on the impression of it I got, playing in the card tournament and a few games here and there in the same city the tournament was held in (so I could figure out what was going on before the tournament started), I really didn't like it as much. In FF8 it seemed more like something everybody in your world did, and it was more of a big deal because you could use the Card Mod ability to turn cards into stuff you could actually use. In FF9 it seemed more like an afterthought. Sure, you could win items from the people you challenged, but the game didn't seem to be really useful or tie in much to the rest of the game.

I really should study this more, but I probably won't feel like playing FF9 again anytime soon. So far FF8 is my favorite FF game, because of its magic system and because I like the plot (even if it's got holes you could drive a mobile military academy through)...though I never finished FFX (but it doesn't seem to have the replay value of FF8, from what I've seen. plus I HATE Blitzball.)... I wouldn't be playing it for the third time if I didn't like it.
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