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.יש לי ספרים, אין לי כסף - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
.יש לי ספרים, אין לי כסף
気持: weird
音楽: The Brilliant Green - believe
Erm. Sorry. For those who can't read Hebrew, I bought books today. My Hebrew's getting pretty rusty, but oddly enough it sorta just came out that way. No, I'm not trying to show off, I'm just glad that I remember any Hebrew at all, it's been so long. Just for fun, here it is in Spanish (Tengo libros, no tengo dinero) and Japanese (本がある、お金がない), and English (I have books, I have no money). I'm really in a strange mood right now. Sorry.

Jack in the Box's spicy chicken sandwich is nowhere near as good as Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich.
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