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more grousing about homework... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
more grousing about homework...
気持: nerdy
音楽: CHAKA - 明日へのメロディー
Okay, this midterm that's due tomorrow: do I answer the multi-part question about the stuff I really didn't like studying about, or the open-ended question about something I actually find interesting?

Basically, the multi-part one gives a clear idea of how the answer should be structured, so there's less doubt about whether I'm providing the required information in an unambiguous way, but that question is about a theory I find to be slightly misguided and thoroughly boring. On the other hand, the second question is little more than "Discuss X", which leaves TONS of room for mis-structuring and leaving out stuff the professor thinks is important, but X is something I'm interested in and wouldn't mind doing extra research on in order to make sure I'm being as thorough as possible.

I'll probably do the second one, since I'll probably not get any responses to this, at least not in time. I do find it interesting that on a test consisting of basically "here are two questions; pick one to answer" that the two questions have such different structures. Generally both questions are equally specific or equally vague.
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