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I had this dream that I went to Six Flags with three of my friends,… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: contemplative
I had this dream that I went to Six Flags with three of my friends, only each friend was from a different time in my life. There was Victoria from elementary school, Amy from high school (actually, I still see her from time to time), and from middle school there was Eric.

Eric was my first "boyfriend", as much of a boyfriend as you can have when you're 11. Basically, we were really good friends, but not in a way that made us oblivious to the fact that we weren't of the same gender. He was as intelligent, creative, and funny as someone can be at that age, and we got along really well and were quite close. In fact, when I moved away in the middle of 7th grade, he wrote to me far more regularly than any of my female friends. Those letters abruptly stopped about 2 years later, when I heard from my best female friend from that town that he'd started drinking and smoking pot all the time. I don't know if she was telling the truth or not though, because I also know that after I left the two of them got a lot closer to each other (they told me they would share my letters with each other, and in the process got to know each other a lot better)... I don't suppose it matters now, though, because both stories are equally believable, and there's little chance of ever learning the real truth. The latter story is given some credit by the fact that she stopped writing to me as well not long after that.

Anyway, the rest of the dream doesn't really matter. He was the most prominent feature in it, because he was the one present that I'd been closest to, emotionally, and it's left me wondering if I should maybe try to track him down or something. I know it's silly, but that dream reminded me that he still exists (well, most likely) and made me wonder what he's up to. Actually, I know his parents still live in that same rural town where his dad was the high school vice principal, but I wouldn't track him down that way... ^^;
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