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I have been having the stuh-rangest dreams lately. Strange enough… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: quixotic
音楽: my brother, asking for help with his homework
I have been having the stuh-rangest dreams lately. Strange enough that I can't even describe what happened in them in any manner than anyone would understand. And I think I'm coming down with something, which is stupid because I was sick last week and I'll be damned if I'm gonna be sick this week too. I mention this because I think these things are connected, the strange dreams and the coming down with something. The irritating part is that I don't have a fever, but I've still got chills and the odd manner of speaking I usually adopt when I do have a fever (don't ask).

Finally got around to training one of the Torchics Val gave me (Hanabi--Valcano's IVs are pathetic, sadly), so yay! Blaziken with Flamethrower! Though I must say, training a starter pokemon to such high levels really drains your bank account, because you have to spend so much on healing, because the starters have pretty pathetic defense ratings, that improve with evolution, but the point is you're not evolving them because you want them to learn a cool move that they learn quicker if you don't evolve them. I do wish my Linoones would pick up more full restores and super potions. All I seem to be getting is rare candies, which are nice, but I've got a buttload of them now, as well as 5 king's rocks. I also get nuggets with reasonable frequency, and the odd zinc or calcium.

The current project is speed-EV training on a Sableye, and my favorite place to raise speed EV is at the back of Meteor Falls. Golbats aplenty, just run from the Solrocks. If level 33-35 Golbats are too much, the Zubats in the front of the cave are good too. Not that there's any shortage of places to run into speed-EV-bearing enemies, but that's where I like to find them. I'm liking the Sableye Rena caught me just fine, but...well, I'm having horrible IV luck with most Pokemon I haven't bred for myself. My biggest success story as far as breeding goes is a Mawile named Syaoran who has max or near-max IVs in everything except HP, which is dismally low. But I got sick of breeding Mawiles, so I consider that as good as I'll probably get. Low HP isn't the end of the world, especially when all your other stats are through the roof. I plan on training him for battle tower, after I evolve all my other pokemon that I can.

Oh, and since I'm sure somebody who knows what I'm talking about will read this... I've been using Mozilla Firebird for a few months now, and one of the irritating things is the frequency with which I have to press Ctrl+F5 in order to actually get the most recent version of a page. Not being completely oblivious as to how browsers work, I looked at the cache settings, and instead of IE's helpful "how often do you want me to check to see if the page has been updated?", it's got a "how big do you want your cache to be?" and a space to type in a number of KB.

Well, the default value is 50000 KB, and my intuition tells me that the reason I'm having to hit Ctrl+F5 so often is because that number is bigger than I want it to be. But if that's too big, what should I put there instead? Is that really so big for a cache, or do I just have odd browsing habits? Or is this a thing that's sort of hit-and-miss, and I should just type in an arbitrary number that's smaller than the one there, and see if the results are favorable? I'm not confused, and I'm not afraid of breaking things, I'm afraid of making it so small that I'll be re-downloading things needlessly. Though, I'm not on dialup anymore, so is that a fear I should let go of? Basically, what number should I put there, or should I just leave it alone and force a fresh download when I need to (which is what I've been doing)?
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