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Look! It's word spaghetti! - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Look! It's word spaghetti!
気持: worried
Ever have one of those days where your body starts up just fine but your brain just refuses to do anything at all? Usually I have the opposite problem--my mind starts easily but my body refuses to do much of anything. Today I woke up earlier than usual, but still managed to run late because I kept forgetting things and having to go back to the other side of the house to get them, plus I wasted time looking for my backpack when I had actually left it (and my jacket) in the car yesterday, though I could have sworn to bringing them in like I usually do. I really thought I was losing my marbles for awhile there.

I did manage to get to school without incident, despite several people darting over in front of me and then slamming on their brakes (I really really hate that, especially when I drive a car with a non-functioning horn, so I can't honk at them to make sure they see me flipping them the bird, and rolling down the window to yell at them is so common, as well as completely futile when it's so むし暑い1 that everyone's got their windows up and a/c on). Today I took notes slower than I've ever done before--I even had to stop the prof to ask him to repeat some things more than once, which is something I never have to do--normally even if I can't write as fast as he talks (he talks really fast), I can remember well enough to catch up during the pauses.

He let us out of class 30 minutes early, partially because he wants to devote a whole class period to the material we're covering next, and partially because he slammed one of his fingers between a table and chair at the beginning of class and it still hurt. I must have come home at some point, because I'm here now. Apparently I also stopped at Chick-fil-a, because I'm eating some right now. The last thing I really remember is walking across the uni parking lot.

I really should be writing this paper that's due tomorrow over some topic that should demonstrate that I've read the second half of that Butterfield book for my Phil. Science/Tech class, but I really don't think my brain is up to it right now. I think what I'll do is finish eating, then take a nap, and then see if I can jumpstart my brain, although I have the sneaking suspicion that my brain is shutting down more because of impending-deadline-induced stress overload than anything, in which case a nap will only alleviate the symptoms rather than provide a cure.

1 Japanese word meaning "muggy" which has insinuated itself into my everyday vocabulary, because it sounds so much better than "muggy". Sometimes I wonder how anyone understands anything I say...
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