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I can't find the damn book, so screw it. I'll do the whole damn thing… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
音楽: Hayashibara Megumi - Trust You
I can't find the damn book, so screw it. I'll do the whole damn thing tomorrow.

I have an idea for a [couple of] new userpic[s] too, but that requires screencapping, and I'm tired. I have half a glass of water left, and once that's gone, I'm going to bed.

Oh! Something I left out earlier. I finally have a topic for my Phil. Mind term paper, that will likely be along the same lines as my senior thesis that has to be done by next fall, which means there's half a chance I might have part of it finished. Actually, since I've saved the mandatory Research Methods class for next semester, I can write a portion of my thesis in that class as well. I still haven't approached anyone to be my adviser on that yet, but I've been talking to the Phil. Mind guy about it (who also happens to be the dept. chair), and he's into computational linguistics, so he gave me a good basic topic idea that will mesh with my grad school plans, as well as the idea for spreading out the thesis work.

Well, water's gone. じゃ~ね
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