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SQUEEEEEEE!!!!111!!1! - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: ecstatic
Since she's gonna be in the army at the time, and since they had it in the store, my sister bought my birthday present along with my Christmas present (even though my birthday's not until next April). Well, actually she bought both at once and came in and asked me whether I wanted option A or option B first, without giving me any hints at all, like the evil evil person she is. Option A (the one I picked, obviously) turned out to be a life-size cardboard cutout of Orlando Bloom as Legolas! This actually has deeper significance to me than Orlando Bloom being the prettiest thing alive, as unlikely as that may seem, but it's not an interesting story at all.

I watched the English dub of Shaman King today, and it literally made me scream, what they did to the plot. Well, from what I could tell. I wasn't actually home at 9am, so I taped it, only the tape screwed up and there was no sound. There were readable captions, so I could tell how much the plot had been massacred, but I couldn't hear the voices, so I was unable to ascertain whether they did justice to my favorite character.

Oh, and I got my first ever speeding ticket yesterday (82 in a 70) while trying to rush my grandmother to Gilmer before the bank closes. This was the second try in 2 weeks, and we've realized that leaving at 1pm is not early enough to make it there before 3pm. We wouldn't have made it even without being stopped, since it was 3:20 by the time we got to where the bank was anyway. And since there's no way I can leave earlier than 1pm due to being in class, she's either going to have to drive herself, or one of my parents will have to take off work. So it's been good fun...

Besides, my internet connection is a bit dodgy at the moment. It keeps blinking in and out. I hope this posts...
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