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Ah, the joys of owning an older car... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Ah, the joys of owning an older car...
気持: frustrated
音楽: Yoko Kanno - THE REAL FOLK BLUES
Things keep breaking. Thankfully, these are not big things like the alternator or the engine or the brakes, but they're minor annoyances like the door locks and the radio.

This business with the door locks is becoming an ongoing saga. It all began about a month ago when the handle assembly on the driver's side door came off in my hand as I was trying to open the door. Nothing was broken, it seems, it had just come loose. At this point, I should describe the normal behavior of my car's locks. My car does not have the now-common electric locking system, nor is its locking system completely manual, though it does have the old-school little rods that stick up next to the window rather than the newer tabs or sliders or similar devices. Basically, when you use the key to lock or unlock the driver's side door, it conveniently locks or unlocks all the other doors (and the trunk) as well, and a similar effect is observed when locking/unlocking the driver's side door using the little rod on the inside of the door. Or it did until after the handle broke.

After retrieving my car from the shop (an independent shop run by a guy my dad knows, not a dealership or foreign-car specialist, mind you) after getting the handle fixed, the locks no longer behaved in the above fashion, but rather like the locks on every other car I'd seen with manual locks (which have all been on American cars, unlike mine). That is, locking/unlocking the driver's side door had absolutely no effect on any of the other doors. Since I rather liked the way it had behaved before, I sent it back to get fixed again. And it behaved correctly for about a week before starting to behave in an odd fashion that is a hybrid of the desired behavior and the undesired behavior. Now the driver's side door will unlock all of the doors, but will not lock all of the doors. I haven't checked the trunk yet, but if the trunk is remaining unlocked along with everything else, that's a real problem, since I don't have the separate trunk key that the car would have had originally, and have no way of locking it if it's not being locked along with the driver's side door.

Now for a completely new problem: the radio. I'm convinced that the antenna aerial isn't actually connected to anything, since all FM stations sound extremely fuzzy. The tape deck doesn't work at all, and the speakers are on the iffy side, but I've never had a problem with AM stations. Until today, anyway, when I turned on the [original manufacturer's, not after-market] radio and was greeted with a prompt on the little LCD screen that said "codE". I guessed that it wanted me to use the preset buttons to punch in a number. So I punched in some numbers. After the fourth number, the screen went blank and then "EEE" was displayed. Either I'm approaching this the wrong way, or those weren't the right numbers. Because at the time I was busy trying to merge onto I-20, I decided I could live without the radio, and I haven't bothered trying again, except to demonstrate to others that there is something funny going on with my radio.

And my windshield still leaks.
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hnpcc From: hnpcc Date: Monday 1st March 2004 01.00 (UTC) (Link)
Basically, when you use the key to lock or unlock the driver's side door, it conveniently locks or unlocks all the other doors (and the trunk) as well

Hm, now there's a definition of "convenient" I hadn't previously encountered... :-)

Seriously, that would drive me nuts. But then I'm used to the old-style manual, where you unlock everything separately.

And my radio's now cactus as well - ever since we drove along the back roads in South Australia (which were, admittedly, very rough back roads) one of the connections in the speakers has become loose and frequently all you get is static.

We really have to fix it, I'm running out of songs I know all the lyrics to.
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Monday 1st March 2004 01.49 (UTC) (Link)
The locks did drive me nuts until I got used to them. But after I got used to being able to just open the passenger doors without a second thought, it seems a real hassle to have to reach around and unlock them first.