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I knew I was gonna screw things up... That's right, it's 2:30pm, and… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
I knew I was gonna screw things up... That's right, it's 2:30pm, and I've just woken up. I'm still tired and not at all rested, but that's not the point. You'd think I've been in school long enough to know what I'm doing, but that's obviously not the case, since I keep doing stupid things like this. Just another brilliant mind completely ruined by public education... ^_~

No, the paper's still not finished. I would have turned it in anyway, but it was due this morning, and for some reason I didn't hear the alarm clock at all, or wake up. I couldn't have turned off the alarm in my sleep, either, because the clock's not within reach of the bed (I've been turning it off in my sleep a lot lately). So I'm going to write furiously for the rest of the afternoon and drop it off in the professor's mailbox tomorrow, praying that it's still good enough for a B, since it's 40% of my grade...

It's very tempting at this point to just go back to sleep (still soooooo tired, and my instinct is that if I just ignore problems they'll go away), but if I do that it'll be even harder to function tomorrow.

A psychologist would probably tell me that I keep doing this as a form of rebellion, because I never wanted to go to college anyway and I'm trying to justify that by proving that I can't hack it, when in fact all it really proves is that I'm incorrigibly lazy and stubborn.
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