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nothing to see here... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
nothing to see here...
Well, I've decided that since I've got NO FREAKING TIME to do anything, I'm dismantling the G-Gundam site I half-built and putting the icons I've made up there instead. No, I'm not doing it right now, but I figure if the intent is here in writing, I might actually get it done before the Apocalypse... I hope Ryan doesn't mind if I keep the design (which he made for me, a looooooong time ago), but if he finds out I'm still using it and wants me to pull it, designing a new one wouldn't be too hard. I'm really only trying to save effort here. Not that anyone's really interested in my icons (most people who know me are fully capable of making their own), but I figure making a website to put them on doesn't hurt anything. Which means I have to sort thru the massive 'icons' folder on my computer, remember which ones I made and which ones I just saved because I liked them, and figure out how to categorize them.

It's still not as much work as it would be to do a proper update of what's already there...
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