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AIGH! - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: stupid. really bloody stupid.
Okay...erm...I feel really silly for asking, but is there a way to use System Restore if Windows won't boot? I accidentally restored from the wrong backup file (yes, I'm stupid, thanks for asking) and now my computer is totally fuxx0red. As in, it goes into endless-reboot mode when I try to start it.

I've got a good System Restore point, but the system won't boot, even in safe mode. So have I completely fucked up, or can things be salvaged?

I had installed SP2 a little over a month ago, but, in trying to restore things from a system-state backup file, apparently I accidentally clicked on an SP1 system-state backup. Stupid stupid stupid! *bangs head on brick wall for emphasis*

Some hope was gained from the knowledge that the main partition is FAT32 (a holdover from the factory, where this PC was endowed with the curse of Windows ME). Armed with this knowledge, I downloaded a Win98 boot disk and followed the instructions mrurth kindly and so quickly gave, only to be greeted with "This program cannot be run in DOS mode". And things are again at a standstill.
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raditzsex From: raditzsex Date: Friday 9th April 2004 07.01 (UTC) (Link)
Do you have the XP boot disk? Do you have CD-ROM as the 1st bootup option in the BIOS? Or is the BIOS even working? Or have I completely misunderstood the problem?
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Friday 9th April 2004 09.46 (UTC) (Link)
I don't have a boot disk, but if I had one I could use it. I'd just prefer not to reinstall over the current installation if possible. (yeah, I know I was gonna do that anyway, but I don't want to just yet)

If push comes to shove, I've got my old 10GB HDD I can hook up to install XP on, and use that to fix the other installation. But that would still require a boot disk. And it'd still be tricky.
makaioh From: makaioh Date: Friday 9th April 2004 10.16 (UTC) (Link)
I think you can repair an installation with a boot disk... I don't have an XP boot disk, but I have a 2k boot disk that you might at least be able to look at your files and move some to the other HD or partition...
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Friday 9th April 2004 14.32 (UTC) (Link)
Well, I managed to download a Win98 boot disk, and with it I can look at files and move them around, but the real issue is using System Restore. DOS doesn't want to play nice with it. I bet I can download an XP or 2K boot disk from the same place and try it that way... I never thought of that till just now.

As long as it doesn't ask me for the XP setup disk, I think I'll be okay.