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the world is getting more and more bizarre...i actually felt better… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: bizarro
音楽: aiko - kabutomushi
the world is getting more and more bizarre...i actually felt better today. partly from talking to josh (thanks, btw :) and partly because i didn't fail my exam today in spanish linguistics. which means that's one less class i have to stress about right now.

but i still have to talk to my women's studies professor about why i missed 2 weeks' worth of her class and see if she thinks i should bother trying to catch up. i don't think philosophy of language will be too hard to catch up in, since i know the professor pretty well, and the exams are all take-home anyway. i haven't been skipping japanese though. well, i did skip last thursday and friday, but i didn't miss anything horribly important, except how to write a letter. and one was due on monday, which i didn't know about and have only composed and not written down or turned in yet, which i should do soon since we're supposed to email it to someone on friday.

oh, and at work today, one of the new guys that comes in an hour before my shift's over is this indian guy (kinda cute, but in general indian guys don't do it for me). he's hella funny, and he was telling me that during his shift the other day he got bored and drew this picture of a woman with a beautiful face, snakes for hair, the tongue of a snake and wings like an eagle, and that he wished such a woman existed, because if she did, he would marry her.

i guess there's no accounting for taste. but i wish he'd kept the drawing so i could've seen it. cuz i would've scanned it to show you all :)
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