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Art History final project (which is a group presentation) is due on… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
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Art History final project (which is a group presentation) is due on Monday afternoon. I'm the one who's putting together the PowerPoint thingy, and everyone is supposed to be sending me their images so I can make the slides. I told them in class on Wednesday that I absolutely had to have the images by Thursday evening, because I work on Fridays and Saturdays in a place that is PowerPoint-free. One girl handed me a CDR with her images on it on Monday. No points for guessing whether I've got anyone else's images. I don't even really have my own yet. I scanned 'em at work today, but that computer doesn't have a CDR drive or internet access, so I'm gonna have to be even more creative than usual in getting these images home. I imagine it's going to involve either a zip100 disk (I have a disembodied zip100 drive floating around the house somewhere that I could hook up if I absolutely had to, or the computers at uni have zip100 drives), or a horde of floppies. Or a frenzied re-scanning of everything at my grandmother's house on Sunday morning before my group meeting (which is at 4pm).

Not that this is all that's due. There's also a pile of reading-responses to do, as well as a museum-response. And that's just the one class. For those following along at home, it's the only class I'm actually still going to, and that's because of the group project. I didn't want to leave anyone hanging. And yet it appears that I'm the only one who's given their section to the guy compiling the paper, and I'm just sitting around waiting for everybody else to give me stuff so I can slap something together. *sigh*
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