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What a great way to start the day... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
What a great way to start the day...
気持: ded
DSL gave out at about 6am, while I was using it for RP.1 *growls* This was, of course, due to the big nasty storm that I had to drive to work in after not having slept last night. We're talking less than 20 ft. visibility, on no sleep, at dawn, in my brand-new car. My jaw and my hands hurt from all the clenching, but I seem to have made it to work okay. I think.

It's not as if we're gonna have any business. Nobody comes to rent storage when it's raining, and especially not when it's a massive thunderstorm like this one. I could be sleeping right now! *shakes fist at the sky* And on top of that, my hair has gotten wet with rain, which always turns it into a greasy, stringy, lookslikeithasn'tbeenwashedinaweekbutithasiswear mess.

On the bright side (well, brighter, at least, for me), because of the storm, the rest of the family can't go have fun on the new boat without me like they were going to.

*falls over snoring*

EDIT: Oh and I forgot to mention the heartburn, which is what I get for consuming nothing but Coca-Cola and Midol in the past 12 hours, even though if I consumed anything else, I am quite sure it would not stay down. *is tempted to perform a hysterectomy on herself in the office bathroom with a pair of scissors and a stapler* This is gonna be one. Fun. Day.

1 Many apologies to teruteruboozu for that, since we weren't that far from finishing. I'll try to be conscious enough to finish it tonight, but, regretfully, I really can't make promises. So if you happen to wake up and have time before 5pm CDT (which would be about noon for you, I think), and I'm online, we should go ahead and finish, unless you think it can wait till Sunday evening. (I get off work at 7pm, so I figure if we can start by 5, it won't be a problem to finish up before I have to leave).
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