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Many things to relate, most not so interesting - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Many things to relate, most not so interesting
A couple of nights ago I had a really weird dream. Like, at first I was at a house that was shared by some people I was friends with (who didn't actually look like people I know). It was your average brown-carpet house rented by not-rich twenty-somethings, meaning there wasn't much in the way of decor. The only furniture in the living room was a black fake-leather sofa, and there were people talking in the kitchen, but I was whisked through to the bedroom by the girl I was there with, who was ostensibly my dream-friend. So we go to her room. Again, not much decor. Just a bed with a fluffy black duvet, and miscellaneous things with drawers in them, such as people have in their bedrooms. So we're standing there at the foot of the bed talkin, and somebody comes out of the closet and lies down on the bed. But we're talking so I don't really pay attention until he butts into the conversation, which is when I look over and it's Gackt. Gackt is reclining on this girl's bed (I think her name was Sarah) smoking a cigarette and giving us advice. Then when I was done talking to Gackt, I went to the store, which was one of those stores like Sam's or Costco or something, only they had a giant music section. And I was suddenly there with my dad, my sister, and my brother. I also had a sudden irrepressible urge to look for Natalie Merchant stuff. So I found the right section, and all they had were 2 cassette tapes, part of some sort of "best of" type collection, but they were labeled in Hebrew. But since I'm not familiar with Natalie Merchant song titles in Hebrew, I asked this random chick who was browsing near me if she knew. She told me to try to read it for myself, but after I struggled for a few seconds on the first word (incidentally, I forget now what word it was, but I actually could read it, only in the dream I couldn't say it for some reason), she rolled her eyes and started reading the track list off to me. Only the Hebrew song titles weren't the same as the English ones, so I asked her if she knew which songs were which. By this time she was getting really aggravated with me, and ripped the packages open (no small feat, since they were those evil clear-plastic-welded-around-the-edges type) and pulled out a lyrics sheet that had the titles in Hebrew and English. Only neither of the tapes had any songs I wanted, so I ended up not buying them.

And then last night I had a smutty dream, rudely interrupted by my alarm clock. Basically, this was before the Ishval stuff happened, when they were living together before Roy went all OMGIkilledpplz! Hughes got home early and was lying on the couch reading a book. Or he was until he fell asleep there. Roy, apparently, was working late, because it was starting to get dark by the time he got home. But he sees Hughes there asleep on the couch, glasses squished to one side of his face, book falling out of his hand... It started out really sweet, like Roy picking up the book and marking Hughes' place, then carefully taking Hughes' glasses off and setting them on the table... And then Roy proceeds to wake Hughes up in a rather fun sort of way. Of course, I had to wake up just as it was getting interesting. *pouts*

I have eaten sushi the past 2 nights in a row, just because I wanted to. I gotta quit that though, it's kinda expensive... But Toshio's has these things called Mexican Rolls that you have to ask for special (they're not on the menu), and they're fscking enormous, but they're awesome. Basically it's shrimp, avocado, green onion, and asparagus, with chipotle sauce and those orange fish eggs. Teh awesome. Even if they're too big to actually get all in your mouth in one bite and keep your mouth closed. XD

And today I decided to try the new flavor of limeade at Sonic. I like regular limeade; cherry limeade is okay but a bit too sweet; strawberry limeade is okay if they make it right... The new raspberry limeade seems to fall into the same category as the strawberry. Not as if I order limeades more than once every 2 years or so anyway...

But that's all I've got, really. I've got three papers to write in the next four days, so I really shouldn't be taking time to write even that, but I had to get those dreams down before they escaped...
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