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*stab stab kill* - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
*stab stab kill*
気持: irritated
While I was buying a new phone, I should have bought one of those PDA-phones... Why? Because I have LOST my organizer (you know, those paper calendar-notebooks carried around by people who are too cheap/poor to buy a PDA). I think I left it at school somewhere, which means it is probably gone for good. I know I haven't seen it since Tuesday, at least, and I've been going nuts looking for it. It's not in my car, or anywhere conspicuous in the house. At least if it was inside my phone I could ring it...

But that's not the important part. The important part is that there were assignments written in there that are not written anywhere else, and now I have no idea what they were or when they are due. Most of my course syllabi, including professors' contact info and any assignment dates, were also in there. In short, I am screwed.

I suppose all that's left for me to do is hunt around online for as much info as I can find, and pray that nothing's due today that I don't know about...

No, there wasn't anything else I had planned to do this morning... *curses*

EDIT: Okay, after some digging (and emailing), I've found out that I'm supposed to write a narrative story in Spanish of roughly 800 words about whatever I want by Monday, I have an exam Monday as well in the same class (about what, though, that's the question), I've got to answer some questions about some letters written by American volunteers who fought in the Spanish Civil War (also by Monday), analyze a short story in Spanish for a presentation (though when the presentation is, who knows, since we all signed up for different dates), and there's an exam in that class too (don't know when, but probably within the next week or two). Thankfully my math homework was written in my notes (for once) instead of in the organizer... Shit, I haven't checked in with my online course in over 2 weeks! *goes to do that*

For future reference:
http://www.e-libro.com/antologia/ant_I.htm <-- utilísimo

EDIT PART 2: Okay, I have until next Wednesday to take the next exam in the online course. Aigh.
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