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Well, this week has pretty much sucked. Except for one thing. As… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Well, this week has pretty much sucked. Except for one thing.

As told to Val over AIM, only squished together into one paragraph and edited slightly, because it was easier to cut & paste & edit than to type something completely new:

There's this one class I'm in where the bookstore couldn't get the books so I had to order it from Spain, but they only shipped it last week, so I haven't read anything at all for that class. Well, she was putting the stories on electronic reserve for us from the library, but last week they said they can't do that anymore, because doing that to more than 10% of a book violates the copyright. But several people in the class have managed to obtain copies of the book, and she'll let us borrow hers during her office hours to make copies, so she's holding us responsible for it now. Only her office hours are horribly inconvenient for me, and I'm uncomfortable borrowing other people's books. And she's started giving us questions to answer and turn in, so she can know we're reading... But I found a website that contains the story I was supposed to read for today, so I can do my homewr0k! Yey!

Whether I will actually do it or not remains to be seen... ¬_¬
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