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Actual Update (Sorta) - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Actual Update (Sorta)
At work once again this Sunday. It's obnoxiously sunny out, but at least it was cool this morning. It ain't gonna stay that way much longer, though. I got my car washed on Friday, so naturally that means it's going to rain as soon as my 48 hours is up. It did last time anyway, and then it rained every day or two for the next two weeks, so by the time I could wash it with any confidence, it was looking pretty shitty. The midnight blue is a really nice color, but every single speck of dirt shows up on it. ><

The glasses are working out okay so far. I don't really have to wear them all the time, but I'm supposed to wear them anytime I'm reading or using the computer, which pretty much sums up everything I do when I'm not driving or sleeping or in the bath, so I might as well wear them all the time. They make distant stuff slightly blurry (almost unnoticeably so), and they said my eyes are slow to focus at long distances, so they told me I might not want to wear them while driving. I prefer to wear sunglasses while driving anyway, so it's all good.

I also got a haircut yesterday, which I really did need, but... They gave me Val's haircut! It's too short on top for my curly hair, so it's all poofy and fuzzy. Oh well. My hair grows fast, so in about a week it'll look normal except for the shape, and in two weeks you won't even be able to tell it was wrong. On the plus side, maybe this time I can go for more than a month without a haircut.

Oh, and there was a surprise here at work today: somebody replaced the mouse with a trackball. It's...uh...different. What's really annoying is the lack of scroll wheel, but I suppose a small coordination challenge every now and then is good for your brain, ne? Which reminds me, I need to play DDR more. Somebody took a picture of me the other day, and things have really gotten out of hand. Or I need to wear clothes that fit better (not that I can do much about the work polo). Or both. Probably both. ^^;;;

This concludes your not-so-regularly-scheduled Actual Update (Sorta).

EDIT: Oh, and Early Voting starts tomorrow in Texas, so even those of you in college far from your home precinct have no excuse, since you can vote anytime from tomorrow until Election Day, in the county you're registered in or by mail. GO VOTE! (This is as political as Kym usually gets)
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