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love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: bored
音楽: bored
There is stuff all over my shirt. I dunno what it is, really, just little white particles of stuff, like dead skin or dust or... I dunno, but it's annoying me. It's probably dust.

I told myself I could have Friday and Saturday off if I worked on things today, but it's not happening. I can never do much work involving the computer while I'm at work on Sundays, but when I get home today I have to do something, even if it's just transcribing/translating this story so I can get some help interpreting it. I have to do a presentation on Thursday, and I haven't gotten very far past reading the story. I can probably fill some time with biographical stuff about the author, but that's not gonna take up 10 minutes in any case. Plus there's all those papers that were due last month that I haven't written yet, and they aren't going to write themselves. >(

I also need to update the firmware on my RioVolt mp3 CD player, which btw is awesome. I don't really say that often enough, but I've had the thing for 2 years now, so I suppose I'm excused if I don't gush about it on a regular basis anymore. The only thing is, I wish I'd gotten the black one with the built-in FM radio instead of the silver one that doesn't have that (yeah, each model only comes in one color). I also kinda wish it had some sort of playlist options, other than the folders you construct on the CD, though I've gotten pretty good at making folders and numbering tracks so that they play in the order I want them to. I'm also hoping this firmware upgrade will allow me to play CCCDs properly, because I'm really sick of Aiko's 暁のラブレター taking forever to load only the first 9 tracks as one giant mp3... It plays non-copy-control audio CDs just fine, but I think the problem is that it assumes that any CD you put in is a data CD first rather than an audio CD. Oooh, and I need to buy batteries. ^^;

Ugh, 2 more hours of this. I hope I don't die of boredom...

Whoa, my horoscope: Spending more quality time with friends is finally possible now that your schedule has eased up. And though you've always prided yourself on staying busy, you can't deny that a short break is in order. Ask some chums to accompany you to a dreamy getaway where you can recharge your collective batteries. If you sense some romantic sparks between you and a particular pal, make a move. You won't be disappointed! [http://www.live-astro.com] Freakish! o.O
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