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ス・ト・レ・ス - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: stressed
The clock on my phone keeps auto-updating itself to the wrong time, so I'm here an hour earlier than I have to be. *turns off auto-update feature* Stupid Daylight Savings. ><

Not as if I could have slept any longer than I did, anyway. My digestive system has been tying itself in knots lately. I dunno if it's sick of the crap I eat, or if it's stress, or what. I also woke up with a random headache, or, the same headache I had before I fell asleep. Probably from the humidity and/or the cat hair.

Val and I saw a new band last night. Well, not on purpose. We remembered that Shanghai 5 (who are really fucking awesome, btw) was playing at both Sambuca locations this weekend, but we couldn't remember which one was which night, and the website had already switched to the November calendar. But the Uptown location sorta sucks anyway -- bad acoustics, no smoking (cuz it's in Dallas), full of posers, and you can't see the band from the bar area. The Addison location has way better acoustics and ambience, plus it's not full of posers and you can smoke in there. And there aren't very many seats where you can't see the stage, either. So we went there, and Shanghai 5 wasn't there. Instead there was this Latin band (with no vocalist, but you can't win 'em all), and they were pretty damn good. When we got there, there was this older couple dancing. They were sooo cute. As were the 2 guitarists in the band. They had really awesome hair. <33

Anyway, that was fun. Then I force-fed Val Gravitation, since the 4th DVD arrived yesterday. Apparently the anime is pretty confusing if you haven't read the manga. I had to explain a lot of things. That reminds me, I borrowed the X/1999 anime from Rena's friend Jesse, and I haven't watched it yet. I just haven't had time. ^^;;; He owes me $40 tho, so I think I'll hold his DVDs hostage till he pays me back.

I'm sorry this entry sucks. I'm really just killing time until it's time to open. And then I should probably work on my homework rather than poorly-written accounts of what I did yesterday...
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makaioh From: makaioh Date: Sunday 31st October 2004 22.32 (UTC) (Link)
I woke up with a headache too. It must have been all that club soda we drank at the bar. We're hard core.