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gratuitous nonsense - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
gratuitous nonsense
気持: optimistic
W00t for the Mac lab on the third floor of Trimble. Not having to walk all the way to the library or deal with longass print queues = pwn. Oh, and OSX and Safari = pwn too, even though I do sorta hate smoothed screen fonts. ^_^

I don't think I mentioned it here, but that presentation I was supposed to do last Thursday ended up being postponed until tomorrow, on account of a teacher who could clearly use a lesson or two in time management. Anyone who thinks we can go over 3 relatively complex short stories AND fit in 3 presentations per class period seriously needs their head (or perhaps their watch) examined, especially since we were rarely able to fit in all three assigned stories on a given day even before the presentations started. It didn't help that she insisted on doing the class part first and left only 10 minutes at the end, when our presentations are supposed to be 10 minutes each and there were 3 of us. It didn't make a difference anyway, since the girl who went first took up those 10 minutes and then some... Oh well, it gives me extra time to work on my paper a bit more, maybe give it an introduction and conclusion.

Rough draft type thing for my 3rd essay for composition class is due on Wednesday (if it wasn't due today, and oh God I hope it wasn't due today), and I still don't know what I'm going to write about, but it's supposed to be an expository essay, and those are both the easiest type and the type I've had the most practice writing, so I should be okay.

I also still have to turn in those two essays I never turned in before -- the one about the Inquisition and the one teruteruboozu wrote for me (Shhh! I still have to translate it so I can submit it in Spanish, so it's not like I'm not doing any work) to get done... I've already checked, and unlike the 1st essay for composition class, they can be turned in late. I had a hell of a time getting any work done today, though. Tyler1 didn't sleep well last night due to the time change/his father being gone/Halloween excitement/any number of things, so Cindy let him stay home from preschool today, and he really wouldn't leave me alone for very long at all, insisting that instead of doing my homework I look at his Power Rangers toys that transform into dinosaurs, or whining that nobody would watch Scooby Doo with him. Technically I shouldn't be doing my homework at work either, but it was absolutely dead today on account of the rain, and besides, when else am I gonna do it?

Anyway... other than still being swamped by homework, I'm feeling better about a lot of things. My grandfather's got a good chance of living to see his 60th wedding anniversary on the 12th, and a halfway decent chance of living to Christmas. In the past month or so he's started coughing up blood, though, in addition to his other problems, so it's really just a matter of time. Though I suppose it's just a matter of time for everybody, elderly and ill or not. The grandmother who was living with us finally talked my uncle into taking her home with him a week ago, and since then I've felt a lot less stress. She really is a hateful old witch, even if I do love her.

Oh, and there are other good things going on in my life as well, but... I'd rather not say too much at this point, not in public and unfiltered, at least. Suffice it to say that I'm happy and optimistic about things... Now if I can rent an apartment that's cheap enough for me to save up for a short vacation January-Februaryish, everything will be as happy as it can be right now. <3

1 Tyler is the extremely cute 4-year-old son of Bruce and Cindy, who are the managers at the storage facility in Lewisville. Right now Bruce is at Fort Hood pending his deployment for Iraq in January, so in addition to filling in on Cindy's days off, I now have to work with her some days as well.
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