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Cats - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Well, I let the cats play together for an hour or two last night. They were wearing each other out, though, and I'm sure the older kitten (he's maybe 10 months old) doesn't appreciate being constantly attacked by that tiny thing with the sharp teeth. At least, I know I don't, and if I let them play together, she's attacking him instead of me. Kittens are such a nuisance, as are puppies and small children.

My sister wants the kitten, but I don't know if my allergies can stand keeping her till February. I mean, I'm not as allergic as my mom (meaning I can touch the kitten without my hands itching), and she's not bothering me too much now as long as she stays out of my face, but as she gets bigger she's only getting fuzzier, and my sinuses are going to go into full-on rebellion sooner or later. It doesn't help that if you let her sleep with you, she wants to sleep on your neck. I'm eternally grateful that the other cat (the long tall black one that I'm not giving up ever for any reason cuz I wub him) has very short sleek hair and doesn't like to sleep on me. He prefers to snuggle up to my feet or back.

But I get off work today at noon... though it's only because the company Christmas party is this afternoon, and I have to go to that. And I have to bring a present for the gift-lottery-thing they do. I really don't want to go, but I haven't gone to any of the other company parties this year, so my mom will brain me if I don't go to this one. She just doesn't understand that not everyone is a social butterfly like her and my sister. I don't really like most of the other people who work for this company, and there's no penalty for not going to the parties. My grandparents never went (though my grandmother usually wanted to; my grandfather was the antisocial one there). My dad usually doesn't want to go, but he's high up enough that he sorta has to.

But I will get to see Helen, and I sorta adore Helen, even if I don't have a chance in hell with her cuz she's totally straight, and we don't have a whole lot in common anyway (she's a lot like my mom). I like Kristy (the receptionist at corporate) too but we don't really have a lot in common. My mom keeps tellin me I'd like Blair (the boss's middle daughter) too if I got to know her, but I really think we're too much alike in the wrong ways to ever actually get to know each other (Kristy and Blair and I actually all graduated from the same high school in the same year, but we weren't friends. Kristy and I didn't even know each other). And that pretty much exhausts everyone my age who will be there, other than my sister and the guy-friend she's bringing along. Oddly enough, I get along better with the younger managers (who are in their late 30s) than I do with the other people who are in their mid-20s. I have a feeling I'll be spending plenty of time helping Cindy's son Tyler (who is 5, and the cutest thing on the planet) play Pokemon on my GBA-SP, since I don't gamble, and the whole theme of the party is casino games.

Maybe I'll take the baby kitten with me so the big kitten can have the whole house to himself for a few hours. He's been really patient with the intruder so far.
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