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O_O - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
音楽: Pokemon FireRed - Resort Gorgeous
This is quite possibly the most unnerving dream I've had in a few weeks.

I was in a field somewhere (looked a lot like the place we lived when I was a baby--I've seen it in pictures) with my dad and my sister, doing archery target practice. There were a couple of guys we didn't know across the road in another field doing the same thing. These guys were both dressed in full hunting gear, including ski-mask-type things, even though it was warm outside. They seem to stick in my mind as the blue guy and the yellow guy, which probably references the color of their arrows, though I can't be really sure.

My sister didn't look like my sister; she looked like our mom did about 15 years ago (which looks a lot like me, come to think of it). Her hair was long and black and in a ponytail (which probably doesn't seem unusual unless you've seen my sister). The only thing that was horribly unusual is that I didn't seem to be wearing a shirt--more like a sports-bra thing.

My mom was there too, helping my dad make a bow out of a 2x4 board (I've actually seen him do this; it's pretty cool), and my brother (somehow he was about 3 even though he just turned 15 last month) was playing.

So my dad makes a bow out of a 2x4, and my mom and my brother go off somewhere. He tries a shot with it, and then hands it to me to try. Just then two arrows fly past me, one on either side of my head. One hits the target, the other lands nearby. I hand the bow back to my dad without firing just as a yellow arrow slides down my shoulder as though it had been balanced there. I look across the road and see both of the guys watching me, the blue guy with his bow drawn towards our target, the yellow guy with his bow down but staring at me.

So I go over to where my sister is (near my dad's pickup truck), to tell her what just happened, and another arrow comes at me. It would have struck me in the chest if I hadn't seen it in time to turn aside.

So now my back is against the truck. My sister is over to my right, and I'm facing my dad. I look up and see the yellow guy standing just on the other side of my dad with his bow drawn. I'm not sure whether my dad notices what's going on or not. I start to run around the front of the truck...

And then I woke up.
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valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Monday 28th February 2005 18.37 (UTC) (Link)
Ugh, I don't see how anyone can stand In-n-out. The fries were always greasy and limp, and whatever that sickeningly sweet sauce they put on there is, it's revolting, like somebody took mayo and added sugar to it. And sweet pickles on a hamburger is utter blasphemy, as is mayo on anything. I guess I'm automatically prejudiced against them because I loathe sweet pickles and mayo in all forms.

If you ever see a Whataburger again, ask for a cup of gravy to dip your fries in. Or try the chicken strips.