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Beh. - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
They're doing something very noisy at the construction site out front. Would you believe that for the past year I've been watching a bypass built right out the front window of my office? They're still not as far as laying actual road, though. That noisy thing outside looks like some sort of rock crusher, but I don't think it's noisy enough to be crushing actual rocks. But it does seem to be dumping gravel or asphalt or something, so maybe they'll get to the actual paving bit soon.

The oddest part is that although this bypass has been in the planning stages for several years, and they've been in the process of building it for over a year, lots of people who live here in Lewisville have no idea where it is. You tell people over the phone that you're located on 121 Bypass, and they seem to go momentarily deaf when you say the word "bypass" and call you 10 minutes later, "Yeah I'm here on 121 by the lumberyard, and I can't find you". Yes. That would be because you're on the wrong road. We're on 121 BYPASS. Then you get a few seconds of silence. Then "but you said 121..." Um. Yes. Yes I did. I said 121 BYPASS. Sometimes conversations like this go on for 5 minutes while I try to convince the person on the other end of the line that I actually do know where I am, and that I had in fact told them the correct directions, which they had simply refused to pay attention to. The major point of confusion is generally that they forgot what cross street I told them (it dead-ends 2 blocks up, and never reaches Business 121), and remember that I said we're near a 7-11, and there just happens to be a 7-11 near the lumberyard, which has the same street number as this office, but on Business 121.

*sigh* I called my dad for advice on the lease renewal, and he was no help. He basically said, "Do what you want, just remember that moving's a bitch" ...only not with quite those words. I have a feeling my mom will say the same thing, but she's at least 3 times harder to get hold of than he is, so I might not even bother. Oh well.
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