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To whoever invented chocolate coffee: I LOVE YOU! - love like me ・ 日記 — LiveJournal
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
To whoever invented chocolate coffee: I LOVE YOU!
I'm really enjoying the new haircut, though I'm finding out that I still have long-hair syndrome. What I mean by that is that somewhere in my brain there's a logic pattern that goes something like this: no hair on neck = ponytail = don't lean back against the seat in the car. So while I finally managed to find someone who wasn't my dad who wasn't afraid to use electric clippers on the back of a woman's head,1 there are obviously some personal issues I have to work out. If you can call instinctively leaning forward in the car an issue. It's a bit on the short side on top, and she thinned it so much it's a little jagged-looking at the temples, but overall I'm satisfied.

Also, after I get paid I'mma get this shiny thing. No, I'm not buying it from there, they just have a good picture. The factory stereo in my car pisses me off because it doesn't have a 'repeat' button, and only has 10 FM presets. Also I think the ability to play mp3s on CD-RW would (hopefully) reduce the need to keep my entire CD collection in my car. So I guess that's where my check for the overtime I did last weekend is going... Still, $200 installed ain't bad. And no, I'm quite happy with the factory speakers, thank you.

1 Granted, I've found hairstylists with the ability to achieve the same hair length in back without the use of clippers, but they tend to cost about $50 for the haircut, and I'm not prepared to pay that much every time I need one.
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