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I got the weirdest call at work today. Somebody called (the Caller ID… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
I got the weirdest call at work today. Somebody called (the Caller ID said Michael Hadd) and asked to speak to the manager. While technically I am a manager, THE manager is a title that belongs to Cindy, who was off today. So I told him he'd have to make do with me. This is the point where some people (usually current tenants) will hang up because they only want to deal with Cindy. But I digress. The guy on the phone proceeded to tell me that he was with some company that was expanding into the area, and they were looking for managers to run whatever it was the business was about, mentioned a possibility of a $110K salary, yada yada. What went through my head was something like "okay, you're calling me AT WORK to ask me if I want to apply for a job?"

Friggin telemarketers.

Also, because maidofuriel tagged me, my 6 favorite1 songs right now are (romanized where applicable):

1. We Love Seigaku - Seigaku Nine Players (yep, Prince of Tennis)
2. Catharsis - (voice of Oshitari Yuushi, also Prince of Tennis)
3. Mouja - Sasagawa Miwa
4. Cutie Honey - Kouda Kumi
5. GO!!! - FLOW
6. Hot Stuff - Kouda Kumi feat. KM-MARKIT

Nope, not gonna tag anybody. I suck like that.

1 Meaning the first 6 songs I thought of.
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